Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Above the sky gets dark, sitting on the window ledge of my bedroom, feet resting tippi toed against the conservatory roof. I sip my tea and watch the weather change as the storm begins to build up, the tempertaure turns cold, as it creeps across like the draft through a leaky letterbox.

Lightening flashes behind the houses silluetting them like spectators at a firework display. The rain rattles in the distance and creeps across like a opening stage curtain at the start of the show, until every sound is drenched in the downpour.

It cools with the rain, goosepimples tickle up my arms, yet perched on my window ledge its still warm from the heat that the house has collected.

To the right of me Cardiff city centre fades into a pale orange flourencent milkshake glow.
The storm sets in, and now like a child in my mothers arms i watch nature show its fury from the safety of my bedroom.

Gulls fly in the cool air gliding, deaf to the crashing thunder as dogs bark scared.

Once mother nature has said her piece, she gently fades away moves over.

Cardiff is fresh and pure, ready to dirty itself once more.

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