Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Stupid Name

I have had issues with my name my entire life, even now after a whole schooling of people mocking my name i still get it.
For some reason most people cannot pronouce my name correctly, i wouldnt mind if it was a hard name to pronouce, but it isnt. All people do is accentuate the first letter of my name so its not balanced. because of my name people tend to assume that im stupid or not that bright, this is one of the reasons that i have no confiedence in myself why should i try if people are already going to asume that im stupid.
When people meet me for the first time they dont believe that it is my real name, many a time i have had to get out my driving licence to prove that it is.
Even getting my passport or driving licence proved to be difficult with it coming back every time with what they assume is my name rather than believe what i have written down for them.
Im not bothered any more ive accepted it, registering for the doctors today, a random name came over the tannoy, not my name but i knew it was me. the doctor asked me how she should pronouce my name.
as ever i gave my defeatist reply

"anyway you like".

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