Friday, 30 October 2009


Further I gaze towards you
drawn closer in
no matter how hard
I tried resisting.
Your soft touch always renews.
With proton pack beauty
no longer able to haunt.
Capturing me
in your tingling lazer beam arms,
hold you without flinching
the risk of crossing the streams
is one worth taking.

Your strength
makes you the chosen one
who can prise open,
this pop fresh lidded jar
that is me.
Ground yourself for when we touch
the sparks will power
this world for a generation.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

a haiku about waiting for the one to return

Telegraph pole stands
patiently with arms outstretched.
For her to return.

wonky painting haiku

Painting hangs wonky
ignore, forget about it.
Will frustrate others.

lusty gaze haiku

Lusty gaze at breasts
captured on facebook for all.
Awaits girlfriends wrath.

Monday, 26 October 2009

lapped again

Within my whole existence
you have been the only
unticked box on my list.
The one I only loved.
a hole full of fond absence
unfulfilled unkissed.

No matter how many women
I kiss
never will be found the one
that lips engage with mine

Peoples worlds keep turning
fall at the first hurdle
soon you will lap by me.
See nothing changed.
just scarred with slow ageing
still cant break free.

No matter how many women
I kiss
never will be found the one
that lips engage with mine

heart shaped scar

I miss the way
you nibbled at me
like a corn on the cob
with pro typewriting pace
Brings a soft smile
to my hard face
the one so lucky.

Days drawn short
a continous winter
now only my coat warms me
face burried under a frown
Again this free fall
begin to drown
just one gesture.

In the shower
I still rub that scar
now completely healed
from when we rolled
down that field
we tumbled so far
in each others arms.
Picnic basket fondue
surrounded by crops
and collapsed barns.
The only reminder
I have of you
I cant get rid of it
except to burn over.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

lumberjack fashion haiku

Checked shirt, scraggy beard
worn by those fashion conscious.
Fake, weak Lumberjacks.

cricket ball eclipse haiku

Solar eclipse forms
look upwards, Ow! Nose broken.
Ball falls back to earth.

some haikus

Wind cuts, biting deep
stinging gales like TCP.
Winters cold begins.

Short woman below
lowcut top reveals goodness.
Perfect eye level.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

awkwardly wrapped

Another whole roll
of sellotape used
to keep your present
clenched tight in mystery.

Wrapped up, disguised,
leaving no clues to whats inside
no matter how much
you rattle and examine it.

That smiling anticipation
as you scratch through
the snowman printed paper.
One layer down, another to go.

Bands of sellotape clamp down.
Designed to be awkward to open,
so I can prolong that anticipation
on your innocent face.

Modern Christmas

That christmas anticipation
no longer exsists,
when children were once
early to large soft beds.
Then to wake early
like noisy central heating
filling the dozing house.

No longer rubbing excited eyes
as they fight to stay awake
to keep an eye out for Santa
and have to be put to bed
by caring gentle parents.

The christmas post
no longer struggles.
The lack of well wishing cards
and patiently spelt letters
to Father Christmas
from innocent kids.

Instead they scream purple faced
at their liberal parents
until they get what they want.
Disappointed with expensive toys
broken in frustration before they
are fully unwrapped.

Sulking through Christmas lunch
is that how you want to spend
this oneday of giving?
Photos of frowning faces
topped by crackers paper crown.

I will sit here alone and hope
that I will have a family
one day to share this day with.
Maybe one year we should swap
and you children can see
they should be grateful
for what they've got.

a winter scarf haiku

Worn with Chelsea knot
scarfs hangs like medallions.
Smug yuppie towners.

gloves worn

Glove worn
to protect delicate hands.
Dead sparklers
stick up like used needles
in damp sand filled buckets.

Burn down
from the excitable tip.
Innocent colours
right down to the tired end
camera flash patterns fade.

Now melted
being held too tightly.
Clenched glove
stands like rusting flag pole
remember not to itch my eye.

lonely figure

Lonely silhouetted figure
against the bonfire glow,
no matter how close he stands.
Will never be as warm
as those couples around him.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

cold autumn night haikus

In partners pockets
numb fingertips warm gently.
Bonfire comfort.

Plump trick or treaters
avoid houses with steep drives.
Easy pickings please.

Friday, 16 October 2009

popping fireworks haiku

Fireworks cackle
like aggressive popping corn.
Satisfying smells.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

hungover santa haiku

Christmas morning dawns
Santa passed out on sofa.
Drank too much sherry.

jack frost haiku

Jack Frost strikes again
arrested for public damage.
Graffiti artist.

elves strike haiku

Present from Santa
contains apology card.
Elves picket line strike.

bonfire haiku

Fireworks explode
bright exploding colour gasps.
Unnoticed loud fart.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Im stuck with this

Snatched at,
man handled
like a chubby fingered
greedy child
playing pass the parcel
refusing to pass on.
Whining the full verbal,
Held tightly,
roughly fondled.

You took my heart,
without asking
like trying to drag
a piano upstairs
Im exhausted,
from fighting
to get it back.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

autumn season

This autumn coloured valleys
foliage draws back within
its retreating self
like the draw-string hooded jumper
drawn tight to keep out the cold.

Spiderwebs glimmer like tinsel stars,
birdsong cuts sharply
through balding trees
no longer muffled by summers greedy leaves.
Braver now, overcoming hunted fears
the local wildlife has no place to hide
within this years autumn fashion.

Earth shudders underfoot
like cold bathroom floor tiles
the sun rolls low across the sky
like a lazily pushed marble.
Twigs snap with bonfire tones
branches droop heavy with dew
like old housewives stooped
from a lifetime of hard work.

I will wait patiently until next year
as once more this turning will appear.

your kiss

I would have to kiss
every girl in the world
to find the one
that kisses like you.

Fasinated by your every move
I would watch you silently.

Forgotten your face, your touch
all I have left
is the fading memory of your
soft lips.

Scared I would crush you
under all this dead weight
You could warm me from twenty paces
any closer and I would burn.

this hatred

This hatred will be used properly
repair my broken heart
plugging these holes entirely.

All I have left that is strong enough
to hold myself together,
further my emotions depart
This heart drowns in teary moisture.

Forgiveness is not within me
while you and the world
recover with love
your wounds heal completely.

My rage forms tightening chains
broken soul and body unfurls
this empty space still remains.

Monday, 5 October 2009

autumn haikus

Pinched cheek reddness cold
low slung sun tans all autumn brown.
Our autumn mornings.

Clouds thick overhead
natures roof insulation
Warm throughout the night.

haiku about Brits abroad

For Queen and Country
ploughing women of all types.
Bond, a Brit abroad.