Sunday, 8 July 2012

A haiku of wedding love

Danced with raised glasses
we toast your commitment.
Love fills this great hall.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Familiar lips
marked against our rooms window.
Your goodbye to me.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

a haiku

Corporations fish
through wifi capturing nets.
Goodbye to secrets.

A Haiku

Just one strand of twine
Wrap our arms as rope together.
We sail seven seas.

Monday, 4 June 2012

a couple of haikus

Rugby players scores
huddled mud bees celebrate
Sweetest nectar won.

Parachute chord puled
packed inside gourmet menu.
I'll have the pork choooooooooops.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

a haiku

Double barrel boobs
from belt tight under belly.
Her tit wank xl.


The congeling blood filled crow
dots a flight path overhead
4000 hours of airborne surveillance logged
in an thickening imagination.
Inefficent feathers cut through thermals
down below his friends gorge on human excess.
Yet Gregg for that what he calls his conscious self
his name taken from the brown papered litter
he used to feed from cannot land.
This last flight
this curse of his evolved thinking
being too aware causes each vessel to turn to stone
to be able to survive.
Gregg knows that already his belly is swollen solid
brittle legs hang like autumn frosted twigs
if he lands
he will never take off again
his body
outstretched in its last dying fight
for flight.
No. I will not be remembered
as he crashed into ground
shatters into  tiny concrete fragments.
Easier to erode this way.

Quick Notepad Page Story

Harry left his mug on the sticky varnished tabletop.
Triangulated tea cup ring stains act as a landing pad
for repeated take offs.
Outside, standing with a tense face built like a blocked sink,
draining away through plug removed eyes.
taking in nature
‘you see this is what life should be, simple, birdsong
as he steps onto orgasm thick soft grass.
‘Not stuck inside plugged in and clocked off, no-one else is here,’
He ponders out loud.
‘People use to go online to get away, now in the real world.’
Clean fresh air is triumphantly snorted up, directed by ever
widening smile.
He has only reached this nirvana through his frustration
of trying to operate his computer with his charging phone.

some haikus

Shadows stretch, yawning
stood up disappear rising sun.
Return after shift.

Zebra stripped shadows
nestling behind trees safe.
Hunted by bright sun.

Daises fortified
within town planning cluster.
Our aerial view.

These greens seem more gray
help me colour them vibrant.
Through patient loving.

Point at any house
will turf out the occupants.
We can make a home.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A haiku

Exact change for crisps
Vending machine gags, rejects.
Coin returned, repeat.

A haiku

Meeting, huddled tight
nasal strong laundry smell.
Monday morning haze.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Light Within

Predictably those
shadows creep over again
flawlessly stitched together
by expert craftsmen.
Locked together
black branched fingers
overhead form skeletal rafters
a thick cage chamber.
I take from my heart
that beeswax lantern sculpted
candle you installed
and use it to part
with lightsaber strokes
my shrinking coffin.
Life behind these bars
cold to my delicate touch
the thoughts buried
deepest away on my limping crutch
your candle begins to falter.
I know you cannot warm me forever.
Alone with gritted teeth
I pull at these glass sharp branches
labouring hands soon bleeds
through gloom decapitating snatches.
I build a fire
from these memories
and light it with your love
it soon burns
with a growing thirst
warming me, through expelled gloom
I have finally the room
to breath.
Tearing down ruined childhood
 to feed this hunger
a gurn breaks out on my wincing face,
awkward,  soon settles
like a content cat
into a relaxed smile
below my soot smudged nose.
This woodland, now green and open
the leaves soft under scabbed dirty palms
I blow out your candle and return it to my heart.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Around I Go Again

I rubbed one out
over you this morning
I still dont know why.

Another wad of tissue
to dispose of fading memories of perfection.

Butchered unemotionally
this white scrunched rose
made from shaved pulped trees
home to cul de sacs
of woodland creatures,
pressed into soft andrex.
Now home to my fallen many through this flaccid penis.

Opened slow wincing
scrunched eyes blinker,
studying the restoring daylight
as those stored 
interactive images of you

I don't know how much sperm
Ive wasted on you.
It still doesnt stop the pain in my heart.

These popeye forearm
toning  tight fisted wanks
are always fulled by anger 
rather than the lust,
we once had.

The truth is,
you were never this good at wanking.

My tribute to you.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

faith of the few

You said you'd come find me,
No matter what
Are you coming?
Should I stop waiting?

Back into hibernation
Suffering from this condition
Diagnosed with heart twice broken
You were the medicine
That kept me from falling

Tied to this big oak tree
Unable to stand
Still just lonely
Are you still searching?

Back into hibernation
Suffering from this condition
Diagnosed with heart twice broken
You were the medicine
That kept me from falling

I'm a deep sea fish lurking
just drowning
in this shallow tank
Just come and release me.

Liars Lie, Cheaters Cheat

you make your mothers so proud
with every lie
you keep swallowed down
all those kept secrets
add drag no room
filed neatly inside
you're falling soon

lonely passages of time
spent inventing stories
fall into them and embrace
your world
I'm glad its not mine.

you make your partners hate you
with cheating eyes
you keep staring through
facing your mirror
you let the dust
of continued lies
hides waining trust

lonely passages of time
spent inventing stories
fall into them and embrace
your world
Thank you all its not mine.

You make those still around you
Burn all bridges,
you threw the gas,
and the match,
they just won't save you this time.



Said with an fiery rhythm
as I pound his
poor blooding sandwich chewing face
into the side
of the slowly denting bin.
'I'm sorry it just angers me, that's all.'

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

another haiku

Friendly tree, hugging
swamps awkward lamppost stood near.
Odd shadows when lit.

a haiku

Often find myself
stroking my arm hoping to.
Hold you once again.

some haikus

Tonguing out food grit
Probing teeth for flavours
when did I eat that?

Lazy tree grows slow
waiting for better weather.
Leans limp against fence.

Monday, 30 April 2012

A tanka

Sharp pencil insert
tickling nose to a sneeze.
Climatic shudder.
As close to an orgasm
I'll get, these so lonely days.

A haiku

Victory sweets of old
tastes with hint of brown leather.
How do I know that?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

One and The Same

I'm tired
of going up
against your drink.
I'm just trying
to get some sleep.

You're just
an reincarnation
of my wished dead

What was
wrong with us
abandon yourself.
With alcohol
we are still alone.

You're just
an reincarnation
of my wished dead

Your feral
still running alone.
In hay fields
to scared to run on.

Your punches
landing in
familiar places.
Your breath
hangs with his drink.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Both Sides to Every Coin

this broken kite,
resheduled flight
because it wallows
in all this sorrow,
due to

The love in your eyes,
is the greatest disguise,

those evenings inside,
this house of your lies,

that lifeforce within,
will bring me down
with all sounds,

Interested voices
listen closely
to my fears,
ready to take me
from here.

my broken kite,
regains its flight
no longer wallows
in all this sorrow,
i hope

the eagles will fly,
to the stars in the sky,

the pilot inside,
in a inclinded nose dive,

that lifeforce within,
will bring me down
with all sounds,

We All Wait

yes you will die
yes you will die
not by my side
not by my hands
yet you will die

sat here in deaths line
waiting for your number
you look at the line ahead
and fall dead
death has snuck up behind
and taken your final request
in that last breath
stored in his book
with those previous
going back to adam and eves gasps
yes you do fear
yes you do fear

yes you will kneel
yes you will kneel
not by my will
but by his wish
yet you will kneel

sat here in deaths line
waiting for your number
you look at the line ahead
and fall dead

yes you do fear
yes you do fear

Our World Will be Greener

I'd plant a
forest of Evergreens
we'd watch them grow
between our toes
as overhead
Culminis crowns
confirm our coronation.

behind are bumble bees
popcorn strung
through our trees
enticed in
by our sickly sweet
scent of lifeforce

To the sound
of appluding birds
We'll morris dance
until we fell down
holahooped twirls
we'd play through
the suns tickling rays

Our sweat
draws out curious ants
and we laugh
naked entwined
As they climb
over and tickle us
with their bare feet.

Just say the word
I'd cut them all down
in a rampage of my
love for you.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drinkers Alone

When i drink
To destroy oneself
I do it alone
So no one can condone

We paint each others portraits
with watercoloured strokes
every colour fades
as distilled tears fall
erasing our fates

When you shout
For pointless reasons
Please do it alone
Im already half way home

We paint each others portraits
with watercoloured strokes
every colour fades
as distilled tears fall
erasing our fates

Im so cold
from fathers habit
im still far alone
sink below unknown

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fighting for Worthless Love

A mouthful of blood and broken teeth
I'll chew them on down, my final meal to eat
Kicking stones on my walk back to town
I'm still stuck here feral now

I fought for your honour
with no punches thrown
and I lost to defend yer
I'm down on my own

My head dazed of rage and anger riled
I'll spit it all out, breaking out all wild
Cursing words on that walk I will shout
I'm still stuck here feral now

I fought for your honour
with no punches thrown
and I lost to defend yer
I'm down on my own

My heart pumps blood and cascading dreams
Ill think of you, makes no sense to me
Coughing blood on my walk back to you
I'm still stuck here feral now

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Summers Thief

Half devoured picnic
layed out under
barefoot creased blanket.
I hope noone nicks that
as I look up towards the
gentle sloped
crayon green valley top,
before I turn to
chase your laughter
further into
this summers afternoon.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A haiku

Wales say sorry now,
Your obesity destroys.
Asian tsunamis.

Friday, 30 March 2012

A haiku

Dented urinal
How did you become so scarred?
Dropped phone during call.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sorry Son, Life is Shit

Loosening stitched
woollen doll
hangs in car rear window
from invisible
suction cup
through tight road turns
circling vulture manovures
overhead a gurgling baby.
A waining yellow thread
tangled around
choking that stuffed fat
woollen neck.
With pained eyes
the doll looks towards
the innocent sock sucking new life
clunk clicked safe
within its expensive carseat.
'This is how your ansestors
used to punish criminals.'
with sullen eyes
the baby nods,
its first lesson about humans.

Its Just Always Cold in my Room

Davies my housemate,
is hung like a horse
this is something I discovered
just last night infact.
Furious intertwined
dry humping
with a girl I finally brough home
to my paddington bear duvet.
'I dont have any protection
I've err, ran out.'
Exiting my tiny room
onto the lowly lit landing.
With groinal
rearrangement composure
I peer around his door
and ask to borrow one.
He throws me a string of
durex branded condoms
with the weight and
flexibility of a studded belt.
With Roger Moores James Bond
eyebrow raised
I reenter my room
where I view one more closely
it looks like the teacup ring
stained coaster by the side of my bed.
I catch her gawping.
she makes her excuses
as she bundles for the exit
where I hear a faint femine knock
on his door.

These are things i feel when i think about you

Space dogs and butterflies,
stare at me with
those beautiful eyes.
Our love will rise.

I want to paw at you
my ball of wool
to hold you
by rainbow
coloured yarn armful

Dance about like fire flies
Beat out time with
heart felt cries.
Until we die.

I want to paw at you
my ball of wool
to wrap you
my blanket
warming this heart full.

Life plans to revise
here now stood with
my first place prize.
Under blue skies.

Space cats and tickled fish
you're my one pure wish.

a haiku

Stream flows past numb feet
pinching at goosepimpled legs.
Threw phone not dog toy.

a haiku about being lonely

Tobacco pouch sniffed
pressed hard against lonely lips.
Your kiss sorely missed.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

its why im fucked up

these scars
are my attempts
to smother these fires
that burn inside
no words escape
for fear of back draft

those strangers in the photographs
childhoods smiling with laughs
except one sullen face
now smiles
as the images curl in the flames
those memories erase

these tears
are not enough
to extinguish those years
another memory
stokes the flames
for here i breakdown

you think its easy to speak, but its not

I’ve let so few in
so I know
when you’re not there
I’m lost here nowhere

sustained on my silence
I’ve feasted for years
I’ll die obese and self righteous.

please as you’re leaving
close the door
on the way out of my heart

I’m still walled in
so you don’t
know that I’m there
you’re now elsewhere

sustained on my silence
you've starved for years
still made no peace in your absence

a cold wind still blows
in through that
open door
you left behind

the result of 'active cuddles'

Rain reflects
our naked form
in prisms of rainbow shades
That sweet sex smell
through cold breeze
from open window.
Carried through
into the other rooms
in which we fuck.
We lay panting and satisfied
as the breeze
shaves us naked of our
tingly sweat.