Tuesday, 22 June 2010

a haiku

Danger! Alarm sounds
vuvuzelas called to arms.
Wasp nest stadium.

Monday, 21 June 2010

knuckling trees

Playful trees tickle each other
with boney grandmothers fingers,
leaves rustle amongst the trees
carrying misheard chinese whispers
under your canopy hiding from harsh sun.
sit uncomfortably between knuckling roots.

a haiku about a mayfly

Mayfly uppercut flight
resting now on summers breeze.
Prolong this short life.

football played by a child

Uneven park scrubland yellowing pitch
every schoolboys afterschool itch,
cries of 'To me! To me!' looking for a pass
as herds of children flatten wilting grass.
Painless grazed knees from committed tackles
bouncing off injury free, rubber ankles
Tizer red fat cheeked kid, always a goalie
who dreams of large championship trophies
last to be picked due to his lack of pace,
but always has a reliable shot stopping face.
distracted by gentle mothers calls for supper
numbers drop steadily, due to dinner time hunger,
until those few full kit wearing remaining retire
due to fading light collect goal post jumper attire.

some haikus

Fat mans black t-shirt
sweating stretched salt sundial rings.
Afternoon wilts on.

Low hanging branched
tapping morse code messages.
Back to ground control.

Monday, 7 June 2010

some haikus

Brave glue footed fly
unable to wave him off.
'This pies mine!' he says.

One eye drifts open
hammock sways under tree shade.
Summers own slow pace.

a haiku

Fallen tree fence rests
wrestler against the ropes.
Waiting for rescue.

a cold breeze haiku

Bathing fire warmth
cold breeze taps frosty window.
unwelcome house guest.

some haikus about bbqs

Alpha males grilling
pimms drunk sun lounging women.
Garden barbecue.

Sausage pink inside
contained in burnt sleeping bag.
Barbecue flavour.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

a haiku about eurovision

Polite applause ends
quizzical eyebrows raised high.
Moldova's entry

some haikus

Jet plane vapour trail
dental floss between white clouds.
High speed low movement.

Greedy airship clouds
clogging helpful sunshine rays.
Roses slumber on.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

some haikus

Fielders in hot sun
white daisies against park green.
Loud cries of how's that.

Heavy branches hang
shopping bag carrying droop.
Spring blossom to fall.