Sunday, 24 April 2011

the last danish pastry

Sitting there,
slowly turning stale
why have you been left behind?
I wanted a pastry
but you might
of ended up on the floor.
So maybe not,
as I turn to the
prewrapped sausage rolls

the tea soaked desk


I'm falling.
No. Wait, as I release my
grip on the desk.
I just leant back in my chair
after I kicked the back adjuctment leaver off.

a haiku

Cheeky fart released
during hand dryer cycle.
Boss is in washroom.

some haikus

Clouds whisper above
listen carefully to breeze.
Someone cries elsewhere.

Butterfly drifts past
burning ember camouflage.
The unnoticed brown.

this cup

this cup
sun bleached from summers
forgotten outside
harelipped sneer curls down your spine
that crack still yet to break
a chipped crown rides on your head
from which tea is sipped
toy gun spun ready to be hosltered
my cup