Monday, 31 August 2009

forgotten path

Our mothers sleep with casual strangers
seperated fathers teary eyed drinks alone.
Both unaware of the dangers
that we face down this
darken road.
Journey starts, can no longer postpone.

Devided here we have collapsed, fallen
neighbours replaced with people unkown.
Society completely stolen
by our own automation
shutting down.
A new future for us, needs to be shown.

Streetlights pulse like a weak heartbeat
lighting only just a few steps further ahead.
these strangers we meet
to combine our touch
feeling our way.
This path found with our fingers outspread.

Friday, 28 August 2009

summers gone

End of August, summer holiday almost gone
yet I still havent seen any, not even one.
Teenage girls in flimsy revealing clothes
too adult for them, a bit too much shows,
childhoods shortened from social pressure
teaching them to flaut thier female gender,
I'm starting to question my moral mettle.
Out of court her parents want to settle.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

a haiku

Mary Poppins floats
overhead with umbrella.
Not wearing knickers!

a haiku

Man sinks into bath
ball sack spreads like oil slick.
Water far too hot.


Drummer paranoid
groupie continues to stare,
Locked on her target.

Loudly tooting horn!
flicking the V's at the flash.
Speeding road rager.

Flaming tire tracks,
Back to the Future stylee,
speeding driver flies.

more haikus

Spoon full of sugar
helps the tequila go down.
And straight up again.

Blank t-shirt ideal,
rotate after eating spag bol.
Stains hidden from sight.

Society girl
your daddys little princess.
Nothing to others.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

some more haikus again

Whale tail surfaces
a girl, too young leans forward.
Adult thong pokes out.

Groupie hunts down band
with pouty eyed seduction.
No tread left on that.

Bored stiff millionaire
sponsors local football team.
His face on shirt front.

No matter how hard
you flick it, always return.
Boomerang bogie.

a haiku

Drunk winter groping,
rubbing her erect nipple.
Its her coat button.

some more haikus

Pub fills with locals
laughter and chatter belong.
Lonely silent drunk.

Fingertips worn smooth
against heavy strings on bass.
My poor mans plectrum.

another haiku

Mouth foams violently,
like a mad cow diseased man.
New electric toothbrush.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

one more haiku

On my knees, frozen.
tears hidden by this rainstorm.
Self judgement begins.

another haiku

wooden beams across
celing, like lazy barcode.
Replica Tudor.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

weekends in town

These valley night trains continue to run
through gritted teeth this shift soon done.
Rusting tracks follow these contour lines
towards the ever growing city light shines.

Together we move, slowly galloping onwards
as the weary conductor automatically herds
these loud saturday nighters, into town.
as they begin thier social drunk meltdown.

Hoovered up from platforms into the dustbag
that is this towncenter, a damp dishrag,
absorbing the grimey remains from elsewhere.
Deposited around me, my worst nightmare.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

a haiku

Thirsty work, lift mug
Like fountain cherub spurts. Ewww!
Its bloody earl grey!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

further haikus

Sing Loveshack with me
my karaoke partner.
This time together.

Train station silence
longer than anywhere else.
Journey back from you.

My hand written notes
hidden deep, within your world.
I hope you find them.

a couple more haikus

Fairground rides no fun,
without your soft hand to squeeze.
For when I get scared.

Fancy dress cowboys,
ride into the night to pull.
Herding thier cattle.

a further haiku

When drunk questions asked,
expected that when sober
myself to answer.

another haiku

A people watcher
or just a greasy pervert.
The courts to decide.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

should of said

Bothered still by things I should of said
continue to haunt me until the day Im dead
Never stood up against fathers beatings,
still even now someone touching me stings.

Should of told my mother how useless she was
every question answered with because because,
from her delivered shoutings, saying go away
I am still silent and hidden to this very day.

I struggled with every moment you came near
not knowing what to do full of panicing fear.
All I ever wanted to do is show you with a kiss
how I felt, never did and its now what I miss.

Reaching out my hesitant hand trembling scared
to hold you and to whisper what Ive prepeared,
instead I was silent and my love I did betray.
Gained my voice, by then it was too late to say.

Here in this jail, scared, waiting to be found
still nothing, like a dusty piano with no sound.
They say that a man without family is no-one
yet without you Im on my own, it cannot undone.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

sweeter than a square of chocolate

You taste sweeter than
a stolen square of chocolate,
this shock and awe assault
on my tastebuds.
Leaves my senses disorientated
you're that dessert
I can never finish.
Full after feasting on your beauty,
this burning indigestion
keeps me warm
I will take the rest home
in a doggy bag
for when im ready for it.

rainbow kiss

Wrap your kiss in a rainbow
to keep it safe in my pocket
use it as my distress flare
to find my way home.

As needed as my morning coffee
the only way to start this day.

No sugar in my mug is needed,
the sweetener that you are

In bed i make sure the rainbow
is turned into a pillow
so i can sleep in your love.

Make sure my jeans are skinny and tight
so that kiss is pressed even closer
against me.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Embarrassed, I will never show you
its unbelievably cliche but true,
all I had to hand was my housekey
then was used to carve into this tree,
our woodcut intinals in a loving heart.
Council please! Tear this tree apart!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

take hold

Take hold,
we're bracing for impact
this time is ours
and is fading fast.
Full of the arrogance told
ignoring the few who are true
that self placed status.
Growing downfall.

Drown them,
with thier own silence
so you wont hear
the alarms calling.
To arms, seen as trators
replaced social wannabe uniform
with that of a solider.
Rise up together.

the enemy you seek out
is your own self
Trator of this race.
Dragged down by no morals
no backbone to carry this world
like all the kings men.
We all fall down.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

another haiku

Raindrops on window
leaving fading paths of dreams,
like dead shooting stars.

a haiku

Tickle girlfriends feet,
she wriggles hard and kicks free.
Im left bloody nosed.

some more haikus

Fruit flavoured lip balm
smells so tasty you could eat.
But dont though silly!

Mint shock shower gel
the perfect wake up, until....
My balls on fire!

Croissant for breakfast
crumbs hidden in shirt creases.
Perfect snacks til lunch.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

bite the stars

Carry you on my shoulders high
you are not the dragging burden
that you think you are,
held aloft as the sky darkens.
My shining latern.
full of sparkle lead the way
let you go, not a goodbye
as i will stay and wait to catch you.

Bite those stars and tear them open
made up from our forgotten desires
flame our smoldering fires
when you land I'll be asleep.
Kiss me, so my dreams
unfold from these jagged egdes
to our soft shared bedsheets.

Up here on this clifftop face
shop bought fireworks sent to
explode with my love,
fall short and shower downwards.
never reaching you.
just tickle your gentle feet
gathered ash in a fireplace
filled the air with evaporated truths.

Bite those stars and tear them open
made up from our forgotten desires
flame our smoldering fires
when you land I'll be asleep.
Kiss me, so my dreams
unfold from these jagged egdes
to our soft shared bedsheets.

These faults and fissured scars
all yours to view down from your
star hung cats cradle,
this humanrace with our flaws.
sun rise, stars mature.
sore neck from craning upwards
brightest of all the stars
falling with a rainbow back to earth.

a haiku

Pub anthem classic
harmonizing all drunk clans,
A song united.