Sunday, 16 August 2009

should of said

Bothered still by things I should of said
continue to haunt me until the day Im dead
Never stood up against fathers beatings,
still even now someone touching me stings.

Should of told my mother how useless she was
every question answered with because because,
from her delivered shoutings, saying go away
I am still silent and hidden to this very day.

I struggled with every moment you came near
not knowing what to do full of panicing fear.
All I ever wanted to do is show you with a kiss
how I felt, never did and its now what I miss.

Reaching out my hesitant hand trembling scared
to hold you and to whisper what Ive prepeared,
instead I was silent and my love I did betray.
Gained my voice, by then it was too late to say.

Here in this jail, scared, waiting to be found
still nothing, like a dusty piano with no sound.
They say that a man without family is no-one
yet without you Im on my own, it cannot undone.

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