Monday, 30 November 2009

haikus about moving

Bend knees when lifting.
Wardrobe and removal man,
groan in unison.

House move forward
Forgotten behind bookcase.
Photograph of past.

frozen arm haiku

Red armed t-shirt man
burnt, from not the blazing sun.
But from freezing touch.

christmas shopping haikus

Shoppers, hungry bees,
towards the sweetest shop stores.
Those with closing down sales.

Stroppy child demands
weak parents, spoil rotten.
Never be happy.

a haiku about soup

Napkin folded neat
origami cotton swan.
Waiting for my soup.


Sea of red jerseys
fans drift into stadium.
Loud boisterous tide.


Japanese schoolgirl
ultimate fantasy role.
will happen, one day.

Tipsy suggestions
whispered into partners ears,
Deny when sober.

Friday, 27 November 2009

haiku about a cup of tea

Tea made correctly
process followed perfectly.
Sit back and enjoy.

red haired haiku

Like Poison Ivy
pretty face framed by red hair.
My favorite colour.

haikus about barladies

Barmaid foxy gaze
lustily handles the pumps.
Seduction complete.

Leaning over bar
barmaids bosom draws sly gaze.
Thats why I drink here.

those sparkling eyes
in the sea of drunk sorrow.
Pretty barlady.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

cold whispered draft

That cold sharp shiver
jabbing like a hot fork
up my shuddering spine.
No matter how many layers
I wrap myself in,
and no matter how many times
I tuck my shirt
into my pants.
You still creep through.

for you

For you and only you
I would;

Rush home early,
in a sweaty stumbling state.
Just so I can hand you
a cup of tea
with a warming kiss
when you walk
through the door.

In the cold
slumbering mornings
I would fetch warmed socks
from the clunking radiator
for your sleepy feet.
First thing during
these winter mornings.

With a hungry gaze
towards that last slice
of chocolate toffee cake
I would stand guard
with my fork.
So noone,
apart from you, can eat it.

I would even tolerate
your Facebook clicking,
through friends photos.
Whining that you look awful
in every photo
even though you never do.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

a haiku about a lovers touch

To restart my heart,
resuscitation only
requires your touch.

burlesque haiku

private burlesque show for me.

a haiku about a hard on

Walking leaning slouch
jumper pulled well down to hide.
Mans hard untamed lust.

a teen swimming haiku

Teen in swimming race
cheater for using rudder.
Well hung boys hormones.

Some haikus

The three second rule
invalid if 'saved' is called.
Damn regional rules.

Bone cut wood splinters
to grazing fires hunger.
Snap, crackle and pop.

Monday, 23 November 2009

pretty eyes haiku

Pretty hole punched eyes
lighting this darkness inside.
Warm glow on my heart.

haikus some more

Train crawls, at slow pace
snail trundles commuters home.
Unwanted patience.

Carefully wrapped up
Brown paper parcel in twine.
Man in soggy rain.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

autumn fingers

Autumn branches hang
creaking downwards,
cold, sharp yet brittle
like elerderly fingers.
Strangely soft and comforting
Grandmothers touch.

a haiku about crows

Like black peppercorns
rolling across kitchen top.
Crows crowd overhead.

a HP sauce haiku

Dear HP sauce man,
design sachets better, please.
Yours, truely covered.

haikus abotu the cold and the wet rain

Through sock hole pokes toe,
like inuit wrapped up tight.
Cosy warm slumber.

In formation flight
planet destroying starships.
Clouds loaded with rain.

Monday, 9 November 2009

pull me free

Precious hours pass away
sacrifice myself
to stop the bleeding
hourglass drip.
Just to prolong
this time with you.

Body and soul buried deep
my arm sticks upwards,
like excalibur.
Waiting, you're the only one
who can pull me free.

Hands lock like eternal cogs
together they control
our destiny.
Drown in the eternal sand
my love this time wasted,
now found.

burnt up

Stabbed deep in the heart
with what feels like
a car cigarette lighter,
emotions rapidly boil.
Blood congeals
this burn slowly heals.
Scarred skin
now only remains.

My lover,
my bestfriend,
you traitor.
Into this isolation
once again.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

some haikus

Mini jam packets
like firmly made tiny beds,
Peel back and dive in.

Soft buttery toast,
over face like baby wipes.
Adult comfort.

Learn to stand alone
then chopped down for firewood.
Damn these cold winters.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Shorelines constantly changing.
Waves breaking
like splintering wooden beams,
reveals sparkling
geological rock seams.
Natures cold textures updating.

Rough salt air
dries lingering skin,
washed ashore,
new life can begin.
Tides rise quickly
then depart.
Beach clean and fresh
like a recently vaccumed carpet.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

autumn leaves

Red leaves fall
twirling with panicing pace
like burning parachutes
punchtured by
aggressive tracer rounds.
These sacrificial autumn colours.

pub tune haiku

Air drummer rocks out
snooker cue playing bassist.
Classic jukebox tune.

upskirt haiku

Lay waiting on grass,
for you. Walk into my life.
Hope you wear a skirt.

some haikus

Be tolerant please
loud sniffles annoy us all.
Keep tissues nearby.

Drizzle through floodlights,
bright impenetrable white.
Daz washing powder.