Monday, 28 September 2009

burnt bridges

Subconciously, I slowly plough on
putting in place what needs to be done,
all these gained memories stored within
too many, causing this whitenoise din.
Re-called memories from collected photos.
Something within me stirs and glows
from re-read forgotten love letters
recieved from those daughters.
Burning within my vengeful fire
meditating like a scarficed martyr
my deep automatic shutdown procedure,
begins as I reach critical levels of anger,
Silluetted, my lifelong bridges burn
raising hell I cannot control, can never learn.
In the ashes my personal effects destroyed,
Selr created no-mans land is fully deployed
when my dead body is found, it will be cold
to match the soul I've never controlled.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

autumn haiku

Dead leaves hang from tree
like brown butterfly cocoons.
Seasons of nature.

a haiku

Emotions ripple
like stones thrown into calm lake.
Slowly sink below.

a haiku about clover

Clover everywhere
like those scenesters all the same.
Except those rare few.

Monday, 21 September 2009

damp well

At the bottom of this neglected well
far beneath you, cold and pure,
you'll find my love.
All I have is this rotten bucket
in which to hoist up my affections,
that energy you burn
in drawing up my love
to quench your growing thirst.
Through the leaky bucket,
it drains away,
only a few shimering droplets left
that you suck down unrefreshed.
Hold on and lower yourself into my
unlimited quenching love.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

food haikus

Drained pasta steaming,
waterdrops skip over hob,
like man on hot coals.

Al Dente pasta
when thrown sticks to kitchen wall.
Like old sneezed boogies.

candle haiku

Thick candle burns slow,
wax tall around slumping flame
like old shoulder pads.

a haiku abotu being alone

Sofa space empty
unused but for my cold feet.
Alone once again.

some more haikus

Wind tickles my ears
now only breeze fills my soul.
Self doubt is not heard.

No manners left here
pushy pushers at packed bar.
Be the gentleman.

Monday, 14 September 2009

some more haikus

River slows, thickens,
like cold skin on rushed custard.
Winter frosts begins.

Rubbing fingers warm,
parading sign tall and proud.
Golf sale directions.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

back of the sofa

Fumbling on your parents sofa, super keen
oh what it was, to be an excitable teen
unbuttoning clothes with trembling fingers
every bit of new flesh in my mind it lingers.

Bra unclapsed, thats second base conquered
time to head for third as I move southward
my sweaty hand is on the inside of her knee
no complaints yet, carry on we both agree.

Trembling, I swallow, my hand trundles on
slipping about, her legs? Are coated in teflon?
Like a old frieght train through the night
unstoppable with it's lusty teenage might.

Beads of exasperated sweat form on my head
like that itchy bomb disposable expert Fred,
my fingers gingerly frolick about blind,
with my inexpierence she doesnt seem to mind.

At last! fingertip presses against something,
plural somethings, that seem to be jingling?!?!
Frozen pause, tentative fingers, precision touch,
Whats this? It all seems a bit too much.

Seem to find more, pulling my hand down
I've found some coins, and a pen leads to a frown
More wild tongue snogging and some more frantic digging
Yields only a 9 volt battery, rusting.

My hand reaches further, what more will I retrieve?
Completely turned off, she ups and asks me to leave
confused and freaked out, left in a trauma,
Relieved, it turns out Ive had my hand down the back of the sofa.

some more haikus

Concentrate on lunch
while viewing internet fun.
Ow! Sandwich in eye.

Snogging sweatily,
her glitter make-up transferred.
Look like crap tranny.

Lowcut top strolls past,
tripping me, catching a glimpse.
Cleavage monster strikes

bass haiku

Bass played past 12th fret,
fingers wriggle rapidly.
Like stractching his balls.

snogging haiku

Drunk snog concussion
swoop in for rough tonguing. Bang!
Rubbing sore forehead.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

sandwish haiku

Sandwich consists of,
firm chedder cheese and pickle.
Crusts left on, damn it!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Rain attacks upturned
flowerpots with loud vengence.
Natures got rhythm.

calm sea

Further downstream I float
engulfed by these flames
no struggle just acceptance,
this is my final resolve.
Given full guard honours
a sacraficed solider
in this war of my heart.
No more loathing,
all traces burnt away
nothing will remain.
faded disjointed memories
as I slowly fade from your heart
no further part to play
in this war I fought and lost.
That fading glow in the distant sea
as I slip under the surface
burning in my selfish rage,
calm sea boils away and soothes
below, forgotten at last.

another haiku

Smug bastards on that
university challenge,
expensive schooling.

a haiku

Empty pint glasses
overload old oak table.
Conversation flows.

haikus again

Pretty girl draws scowls
from women who are jealous.
Object of male hearts.

Pub electric tense
football fans ready to fight.
The beautiful game.