Friday, 29 May 2009

more haikus

Cant see a way out,
fumbling blindly through this life.
Death the only light.

Pollen tickles, floats
gently on the breeze. Damn it!
straight in my tea mug.


A rabbit stretches
in the low slung morning sun.
Unaware that above
a kestrel licks his lips at his
tender breakfast.

some more haikus

Sky above cool blue,
here ground crisps in gentle heat.
British summer time.

Polite ambling,
bank holidayers basking.
Sunny long weekend.

Friday, 22 May 2009

some more haikus

Oh Casey Ryback
all American hero.
Girdle makes him thin.

Anarchy will rein.
Rise up, take over the world.
Rain pours, not today

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Man walking down street.
anonymous in this crowd
Safety in numbers.

Bikini clad minx.
Males watch like browsing meerkats,
jealous girlfriends scowl.

somemore haikus

Ref blows, extra time.
Glancing at my watch, still got
ironing to do.

Beds trusted footboard,
makes me purr like a kitten.
Personal footrub.

pear tree

Pear tree planted,
celebrate the birth
of our first born.
Now ripped up
to make way
for new patio.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

a sad clown

Clown eyes, not red from make up.
His wife left him that morning
a true professional.
The show must go on.

some more haikus

Sniper bullet rain,
strikes back of my neck, man down!
British summer time.

Bite down hard on wrist,
walls bloodied with my punched rage.
Match the hurt within.

cat on mat

Cat on mat.
'Where he sat?'
'Cat, he sat!'
'Where?' 'On mat!'

Monday, 18 May 2009


Big fat green lougie.
Spat out in sink, moves like a
skater in half pipe.

never heal but fade

These scars run
from the cause to a result.
A journey I dont
want anyone to have to take.
If I ever get lost,
I have these paths to follow.
Never look back always forward.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


A fresh new morning,
one more completed in life.
My prison sentence.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hail & Blue Skys

Continued neverending battle,
those emotions will hunt you
each and every day.
Gathering greying darkness
greenlighted to rage down
seeking out your weakness.
No mercy, no mercy.
Draw your breath deep
to prepear your flight
that one final leap.
Behind lurking until you die,
run down sign posted pathway
you cannot escape this.

Hail locked on, rockets down
burning to tears from your eyes
cutting soft scars, homemade tattoos.
No fight left just acceptance
that calmness ensues,
its finally lifted begin my rescue.
My first true sunrise,
nothing but blue skies to sail into.

Fall down depleted collasped,
this deadend soul cut, brusied
on hands and knees.
Preying those who held you
securely tight were gone,
weighed down
scared by love they renew.
So flee, So flee.
Push past, ignore the hurt
eye contact will pain.
Exhausted energy exert
this is your war, your fight.
Gather your single man armies
only you can defeat.

Dodging first falling stones
overwelmed by these gathering
collected hurdles.
The hail comes down, numbing
rain washes away down to my
pure form,
scream out thunderous rage.
Within me, within me.
That final old lions roar
is his most dagerous
this my final encore,
now nothing left deep inside.
Replaced by nervous trembles
to start each day.

some haikus

Leaf tumbles in breeze
thrown far from home, lost alone.
In Kansas no more.

Dandelion seeds,
pour down railways on the breeze,
like smoke from coal trains.

Monday, 11 May 2009

the child within

Looking down your smug nose at me
I just want to ask you one thing,
one small question.
Have you ever seen a sad child, a boy
only 8 years, ever so young,
trying to work out.
How to make a hanging noose, I have,
I still see him everytime I look,
deep in a mirror.


Sunrise slow chorus
gently awakening my soul.
Brings continued hope.

Friday, 8 May 2009

yet another haiku

Hail like sugarlumps,
splosh into filling puddles.
None in my tea thanks.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

more haikus

Click my slippers heels,
wishing theres no place like home.
Still lost and alone.

Tired of waiting.
I am here, why dont you come?
My patient friend Death.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Coal slag heap reborn
Wildlife park grows, hiding all.
Scarred by industry.

another haiku

I'm different, look,
pay me the attention I want.
Says one of the crowd.

Monday, 4 May 2009

another daydream

Sat amongst Japanese students
watching the countryside shoot by.
Pretending I'm on a bullet train,
roaring through Japan.


Delicate soft face,
hidden by thick spread make-up.
Cracks in ones own wall.

some more haikus

Clouds overhead brew,
turning into greying lumps
of sucked candyfloss.

Flight of butterfly
graceful towards a fresh start.
Shell, left dead behind.

Headphone encased world,
no-one but ourselves in it.
We are all strangers.

fabric softened sheets

Again I havent found
the right words to tell you,
standing here uncomfortably dressed
breaking in, creaking shiney shoes
want to hide in the background
my home.
Shirt, tie and rose in my hand
this abuot myseld i detest
I love you there is no excuse.

Like my fabric softened sheets
cuddle up within you
that comforting effect repeats.
Nothing more than a riddle
why your still here with me
that cute heart shaped freckle
adds to this great big feeling of win.
The reduction sticker bin at tesco
is where i belong buried deep within.

Yogi bear scavaging
I'd be your devoted boo boo
and follow you all over yellowstone
bed down, hibernate through winter
just to see another new spring
with you.
Doc leaf to my stinging nettle
I prickle all until im alone
Im yours, hook line and sinker.

Like my fabric softened sheets
cuddle up within you
that comforting effect repeats.
Nothing more than a riddle
why your still here with me
that cute heart shaped freckle
adds to this great big feeling of win.
The reduction sticker bin at tesco
is where i belong buried deep within.

Every mountain conquered
how to prove your true value,
build a castle for you my lady queen
defend this palace to my very end
your taste is one savoured
by me.
Like cheese and jam sandwiches
esquistate taste my caffine.
you are myself, my bestfriend.