Wednesday, 28 April 2010

a haiku about hungry crows

Reflecting slug trail
dawn morning sunlit runways.
Hungry crows approach.

a haiku

Nervous shy new leaves
cling tightly to bare branches
The first summers breeze.

spring ending haiku

Dead daffodils curl
rusting brown burnt out street lights.
New dawn awaiting.

a haiku about a thin squirrel

Thin squirrels forage
spring bearings its summers yeild.
Fruit yet to ripen.

some haikus

Tree wobbles in breeze
branches stretched to keep balance.
Admiring views.

Pen lid splintered chewed
frustrated time wasting day.
Doodles on notepad.

Tea infuses slow
dark vapour trail dispersal
Mug of soothing calm.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

a sugar coated haiku

Doughnut sugared lips
resistance to kiss you fails.
Sickly sweet moment.

an awkward haiku

Hat stand stupor
awkward giant in corner.
A houseparty guest.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Broken window
shattered remains
held pieces in place
by soldered lead
hides a reflecting face.

Splintered shards
posh diamond cut
too sharp to seat
even the most delicately
placed birds feet.

Witches teeth smile
darkness within
biting cold passes through
to be repaired and renewed
hidden whispers come true

a haiku about spring sunshine

Blossom tree shadow
red bricked house baking gently.
Slow afternoon sun.

a haiku about grass

Thick bedhead hair grass
upskirt looking daisies full.
unmown city park.

some haikus about spring

Heavy bumble bee
stops to catch his busy breath.
Flower sags with weight.

Spring afternoon sky
tumbling clouds soon collide.
Soft fluffy car crash.