Wednesday, 30 December 2009

snowflake haiku

Snowflake thumps window
desperate to get inside.
Far too cold outside.

a haiku about the snow

Remaining snow lays
as patchwork crops in farmed fields.
Waits for melting plough.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

a tanka about the winter freeze

Frost bitten snowfall
covers all deep, pinches tight.
Numb and paralyzed.
Hibernating warm indoors.
Waiting for the thawing sun.

a haiku

Splinter under skin
pain causing irritation.
Memories of you.

snowball fight haiku

Snowball fight ensues
one thrown hard, loaded with stones.
That dirty bully.

a pokemon haiku

Pokemon trainers
never bathe with Pikachu.

boxing day haiku

Awake Boxing day
paper crown upon sore head.
Best Christmas ever.

haiku about dead branches

Crows nests soon litter
branches of winter dead trees.
Plastic shopping bags.

a haiku about exploding love

This gunpwder keg
packed tight with my love for you.
Explode when near you.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

wise words advice

Man in loo exits
with familiar advice
'Leave it 10 minutes.'

haikus for a saturday night

Lit chinese dragon
formed from taxi headlights, snakes
crawling down highstreet.

Pack of women hunt
war cry of.'Here come the girls!'
Damn you, boots adverts.

santa haiku

Tired, heavy head
waiting up to see santa.
loud thud! Now slumbers.

haikus about christmas trade

Shops bustle for trade
Christmas presents three for two.
Not for me I hope.

Thumbed and torn remains
those last few Christmas bargins.
Budget buying skills.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

platform edge

I check my breath
its stale from thoughts unsaid
I take a step forward,
shuffle my feet
and put a hopeful look on my face.

Stood here waiting
with my broken latched suitcase
tucked under one arm.
At this crumbling platform edge
surrounded by
my nervous echoing cough,
I check my watch,
it doesnt matter
the batteries died long ago.

In the distance a shimmering hope
rolls effortlessly down
these overgrown tracks
like a JML rust remover
All things are restored
to original beauty
as you pass through.

That annoucement,
crackles over the dusty tannoy
in this forgotten place.
Your arrival draws a simple smile
patiently wait,
for your carriages to open.
others appear
and step aboard
Whistles blows your departure.

I check my breath
its stale from thoughts unsaid
and take a step forward
shuffle my feet
and put a hopeful look upon my face.

In the distance a shimmering hope
rolls effortlessly down
these overgrown tracks
like a jml rust remover
All things are restored
to original beauty
as you pass through.

These tracks begin to rust over again
as I sit on my suitcase
waiting for the next arrival.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

a haiku

Dead feeling inside
far too weak for suicide.
In this coma still.

a haiku about presents

Presents wrapped tightly
folded sharp corners. Beware!
Impatient gropers.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

tanka about patient cormorant

Patient cormorant
waits for that striking moment
sustenance reward.
those calm often see further
without distorting splashes.

a tanka about mountains

Mountain stream erodes
bleeding away heart and soul
river floods below.
tired from teary downpour
All mountains will turn to hills.

A tanka about christmas

Christmas tree unpacked
stands proud, countdown now begins.
Now awaiting those presents
santa not for the greedy.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

tucked in

no chins on show.
Dug deep
like a heavy spade,
into coat collar
and scarf.
To avoid this cold,
zero below.

Monday, 30 November 2009

haikus about moving

Bend knees when lifting.
Wardrobe and removal man,
groan in unison.

House move forward
Forgotten behind bookcase.
Photograph of past.

frozen arm haiku

Red armed t-shirt man
burnt, from not the blazing sun.
But from freezing touch.

christmas shopping haikus

Shoppers, hungry bees,
towards the sweetest shop stores.
Those with closing down sales.

Stroppy child demands
weak parents, spoil rotten.
Never be happy.

a haiku about soup

Napkin folded neat
origami cotton swan.
Waiting for my soup.


Sea of red jerseys
fans drift into stadium.
Loud boisterous tide.


Japanese schoolgirl
ultimate fantasy role.
will happen, one day.

Tipsy suggestions
whispered into partners ears,
Deny when sober.

Friday, 27 November 2009

haiku about a cup of tea

Tea made correctly
process followed perfectly.
Sit back and enjoy.

red haired haiku

Like Poison Ivy
pretty face framed by red hair.
My favorite colour.

haikus about barladies

Barmaid foxy gaze
lustily handles the pumps.
Seduction complete.

Leaning over bar
barmaids bosom draws sly gaze.
Thats why I drink here.

those sparkling eyes
in the sea of drunk sorrow.
Pretty barlady.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

cold whispered draft

That cold sharp shiver
jabbing like a hot fork
up my shuddering spine.
No matter how many layers
I wrap myself in,
and no matter how many times
I tuck my shirt
into my pants.
You still creep through.

for you

For you and only you
I would;

Rush home early,
in a sweaty stumbling state.
Just so I can hand you
a cup of tea
with a warming kiss
when you walk
through the door.

In the cold
slumbering mornings
I would fetch warmed socks
from the clunking radiator
for your sleepy feet.
First thing during
these winter mornings.

With a hungry gaze
towards that last slice
of chocolate toffee cake
I would stand guard
with my fork.
So noone,
apart from you, can eat it.

I would even tolerate
your Facebook clicking,
through friends photos.
Whining that you look awful
in every photo
even though you never do.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

a haiku about a lovers touch

To restart my heart,
resuscitation only
requires your touch.

burlesque haiku

private burlesque show for me.

a haiku about a hard on

Walking leaning slouch
jumper pulled well down to hide.
Mans hard untamed lust.

a teen swimming haiku

Teen in swimming race
cheater for using rudder.
Well hung boys hormones.

Some haikus

The three second rule
invalid if 'saved' is called.
Damn regional rules.

Bone cut wood splinters
to grazing fires hunger.
Snap, crackle and pop.

Monday, 23 November 2009

pretty eyes haiku

Pretty hole punched eyes
lighting this darkness inside.
Warm glow on my heart.

haikus some more

Train crawls, at slow pace
snail trundles commuters home.
Unwanted patience.

Carefully wrapped up
Brown paper parcel in twine.
Man in soggy rain.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

autumn fingers

Autumn branches hang
creaking downwards,
cold, sharp yet brittle
like elerderly fingers.
Strangely soft and comforting
Grandmothers touch.

a haiku about crows

Like black peppercorns
rolling across kitchen top.
Crows crowd overhead.

a HP sauce haiku

Dear HP sauce man,
design sachets better, please.
Yours, truely covered.

haikus abotu the cold and the wet rain

Through sock hole pokes toe,
like inuit wrapped up tight.
Cosy warm slumber.

In formation flight
planet destroying starships.
Clouds loaded with rain.

Monday, 9 November 2009

pull me free

Precious hours pass away
sacrifice myself
to stop the bleeding
hourglass drip.
Just to prolong
this time with you.

Body and soul buried deep
my arm sticks upwards,
like excalibur.
Waiting, you're the only one
who can pull me free.

Hands lock like eternal cogs
together they control
our destiny.
Drown in the eternal sand
my love this time wasted,
now found.

burnt up

Stabbed deep in the heart
with what feels like
a car cigarette lighter,
emotions rapidly boil.
Blood congeals
this burn slowly heals.
Scarred skin
now only remains.

My lover,
my bestfriend,
you traitor.
Into this isolation
once again.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

some haikus

Mini jam packets
like firmly made tiny beds,
Peel back and dive in.

Soft buttery toast,
over face like baby wipes.
Adult comfort.

Learn to stand alone
then chopped down for firewood.
Damn these cold winters.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Shorelines constantly changing.
Waves breaking
like splintering wooden beams,
reveals sparkling
geological rock seams.
Natures cold textures updating.

Rough salt air
dries lingering skin,
washed ashore,
new life can begin.
Tides rise quickly
then depart.
Beach clean and fresh
like a recently vaccumed carpet.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

autumn leaves

Red leaves fall
twirling with panicing pace
like burning parachutes
punchtured by
aggressive tracer rounds.
These sacrificial autumn colours.

pub tune haiku

Air drummer rocks out
snooker cue playing bassist.
Classic jukebox tune.

upskirt haiku

Lay waiting on grass,
for you. Walk into my life.
Hope you wear a skirt.

some haikus

Be tolerant please
loud sniffles annoy us all.
Keep tissues nearby.

Drizzle through floodlights,
bright impenetrable white.
Daz washing powder.

Friday, 30 October 2009


Further I gaze towards you
drawn closer in
no matter how hard
I tried resisting.
Your soft touch always renews.
With proton pack beauty
no longer able to haunt.
Capturing me
in your tingling lazer beam arms,
hold you without flinching
the risk of crossing the streams
is one worth taking.

Your strength
makes you the chosen one
who can prise open,
this pop fresh lidded jar
that is me.
Ground yourself for when we touch
the sparks will power
this world for a generation.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

a haiku about waiting for the one to return

Telegraph pole stands
patiently with arms outstretched.
For her to return.

wonky painting haiku

Painting hangs wonky
ignore, forget about it.
Will frustrate others.

lusty gaze haiku

Lusty gaze at breasts
captured on facebook for all.
Awaits girlfriends wrath.

Monday, 26 October 2009

lapped again

Within my whole existence
you have been the only
unticked box on my list.
The one I only loved.
a hole full of fond absence
unfulfilled unkissed.

No matter how many women
I kiss
never will be found the one
that lips engage with mine

Peoples worlds keep turning
fall at the first hurdle
soon you will lap by me.
See nothing changed.
just scarred with slow ageing
still cant break free.

No matter how many women
I kiss
never will be found the one
that lips engage with mine

heart shaped scar

I miss the way
you nibbled at me
like a corn on the cob
with pro typewriting pace
Brings a soft smile
to my hard face
the one so lucky.

Days drawn short
a continous winter
now only my coat warms me
face burried under a frown
Again this free fall
begin to drown
just one gesture.

In the shower
I still rub that scar
now completely healed
from when we rolled
down that field
we tumbled so far
in each others arms.
Picnic basket fondue
surrounded by crops
and collapsed barns.
The only reminder
I have of you
I cant get rid of it
except to burn over.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

lumberjack fashion haiku

Checked shirt, scraggy beard
worn by those fashion conscious.
Fake, weak Lumberjacks.

cricket ball eclipse haiku

Solar eclipse forms
look upwards, Ow! Nose broken.
Ball falls back to earth.

some haikus

Wind cuts, biting deep
stinging gales like TCP.
Winters cold begins.

Short woman below
lowcut top reveals goodness.
Perfect eye level.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

awkwardly wrapped

Another whole roll
of sellotape used
to keep your present
clenched tight in mystery.

Wrapped up, disguised,
leaving no clues to whats inside
no matter how much
you rattle and examine it.

That smiling anticipation
as you scratch through
the snowman printed paper.
One layer down, another to go.

Bands of sellotape clamp down.
Designed to be awkward to open,
so I can prolong that anticipation
on your innocent face.

Modern Christmas

That christmas anticipation
no longer exsists,
when children were once
early to large soft beds.
Then to wake early
like noisy central heating
filling the dozing house.

No longer rubbing excited eyes
as they fight to stay awake
to keep an eye out for Santa
and have to be put to bed
by caring gentle parents.

The christmas post
no longer struggles.
The lack of well wishing cards
and patiently spelt letters
to Father Christmas
from innocent kids.

Instead they scream purple faced
at their liberal parents
until they get what they want.
Disappointed with expensive toys
broken in frustration before they
are fully unwrapped.

Sulking through Christmas lunch
is that how you want to spend
this oneday of giving?
Photos of frowning faces
topped by crackers paper crown.

I will sit here alone and hope
that I will have a family
one day to share this day with.
Maybe one year we should swap
and you children can see
they should be grateful
for what they've got.

a winter scarf haiku

Worn with Chelsea knot
scarfs hangs like medallions.
Smug yuppie towners.

gloves worn

Glove worn
to protect delicate hands.
Dead sparklers
stick up like used needles
in damp sand filled buckets.

Burn down
from the excitable tip.
Innocent colours
right down to the tired end
camera flash patterns fade.

Now melted
being held too tightly.
Clenched glove
stands like rusting flag pole
remember not to itch my eye.

lonely figure

Lonely silhouetted figure
against the bonfire glow,
no matter how close he stands.
Will never be as warm
as those couples around him.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

cold autumn night haikus

In partners pockets
numb fingertips warm gently.
Bonfire comfort.

Plump trick or treaters
avoid houses with steep drives.
Easy pickings please.

Friday, 16 October 2009

popping fireworks haiku

Fireworks cackle
like aggressive popping corn.
Satisfying smells.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

hungover santa haiku

Christmas morning dawns
Santa passed out on sofa.
Drank too much sherry.

jack frost haiku

Jack Frost strikes again
arrested for public damage.
Graffiti artist.

elves strike haiku

Present from Santa
contains apology card.
Elves picket line strike.

bonfire haiku

Fireworks explode
bright exploding colour gasps.
Unnoticed loud fart.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Im stuck with this

Snatched at,
man handled
like a chubby fingered
greedy child
playing pass the parcel
refusing to pass on.
Whining the full verbal,
Held tightly,
roughly fondled.

You took my heart,
without asking
like trying to drag
a piano upstairs
Im exhausted,
from fighting
to get it back.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

autumn season

This autumn coloured valleys
foliage draws back within
its retreating self
like the draw-string hooded jumper
drawn tight to keep out the cold.

Spiderwebs glimmer like tinsel stars,
birdsong cuts sharply
through balding trees
no longer muffled by summers greedy leaves.
Braver now, overcoming hunted fears
the local wildlife has no place to hide
within this years autumn fashion.

Earth shudders underfoot
like cold bathroom floor tiles
the sun rolls low across the sky
like a lazily pushed marble.
Twigs snap with bonfire tones
branches droop heavy with dew
like old housewives stooped
from a lifetime of hard work.

I will wait patiently until next year
as once more this turning will appear.

your kiss

I would have to kiss
every girl in the world
to find the one
that kisses like you.

Fasinated by your every move
I would watch you silently.

Forgotten your face, your touch
all I have left
is the fading memory of your
soft lips.

Scared I would crush you
under all this dead weight
You could warm me from twenty paces
any closer and I would burn.

this hatred

This hatred will be used properly
repair my broken heart
plugging these holes entirely.

All I have left that is strong enough
to hold myself together,
further my emotions depart
This heart drowns in teary moisture.

Forgiveness is not within me
while you and the world
recover with love
your wounds heal completely.

My rage forms tightening chains
broken soul and body unfurls
this empty space still remains.

Monday, 5 October 2009

autumn haikus

Pinched cheek reddness cold
low slung sun tans all autumn brown.
Our autumn mornings.

Clouds thick overhead
natures roof insulation
Warm throughout the night.

haiku about Brits abroad

For Queen and Country
ploughing women of all types.
Bond, a Brit abroad.

Monday, 28 September 2009

burnt bridges

Subconciously, I slowly plough on
putting in place what needs to be done,
all these gained memories stored within
too many, causing this whitenoise din.
Re-called memories from collected photos.
Something within me stirs and glows
from re-read forgotten love letters
recieved from those daughters.
Burning within my vengeful fire
meditating like a scarficed martyr
my deep automatic shutdown procedure,
begins as I reach critical levels of anger,
Silluetted, my lifelong bridges burn
raising hell I cannot control, can never learn.
In the ashes my personal effects destroyed,
Selr created no-mans land is fully deployed
when my dead body is found, it will be cold
to match the soul I've never controlled.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

autumn haiku

Dead leaves hang from tree
like brown butterfly cocoons.
Seasons of nature.

a haiku

Emotions ripple
like stones thrown into calm lake.
Slowly sink below.

a haiku about clover

Clover everywhere
like those scenesters all the same.
Except those rare few.

Monday, 21 September 2009

damp well

At the bottom of this neglected well
far beneath you, cold and pure,
you'll find my love.
All I have is this rotten bucket
in which to hoist up my affections,
that energy you burn
in drawing up my love
to quench your growing thirst.
Through the leaky bucket,
it drains away,
only a few shimering droplets left
that you suck down unrefreshed.
Hold on and lower yourself into my
unlimited quenching love.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

food haikus

Drained pasta steaming,
waterdrops skip over hob,
like man on hot coals.

Al Dente pasta
when thrown sticks to kitchen wall.
Like old sneezed boogies.

candle haiku

Thick candle burns slow,
wax tall around slumping flame
like old shoulder pads.

a haiku abotu being alone

Sofa space empty
unused but for my cold feet.
Alone once again.

some more haikus

Wind tickles my ears
now only breeze fills my soul.
Self doubt is not heard.

No manners left here
pushy pushers at packed bar.
Be the gentleman.

Monday, 14 September 2009

some more haikus

River slows, thickens,
like cold skin on rushed custard.
Winter frosts begins.

Rubbing fingers warm,
parading sign tall and proud.
Golf sale directions.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

back of the sofa

Fumbling on your parents sofa, super keen
oh what it was, to be an excitable teen
unbuttoning clothes with trembling fingers
every bit of new flesh in my mind it lingers.

Bra unclapsed, thats second base conquered
time to head for third as I move southward
my sweaty hand is on the inside of her knee
no complaints yet, carry on we both agree.

Trembling, I swallow, my hand trundles on
slipping about, her legs? Are coated in teflon?
Like a old frieght train through the night
unstoppable with it's lusty teenage might.

Beads of exasperated sweat form on my head
like that itchy bomb disposable expert Fred,
my fingers gingerly frolick about blind,
with my inexpierence she doesnt seem to mind.

At last! fingertip presses against something,
plural somethings, that seem to be jingling?!?!
Frozen pause, tentative fingers, precision touch,
Whats this? It all seems a bit too much.

Seem to find more, pulling my hand down
I've found some coins, and a pen leads to a frown
More wild tongue snogging and some more frantic digging
Yields only a 9 volt battery, rusting.

My hand reaches further, what more will I retrieve?
Completely turned off, she ups and asks me to leave
confused and freaked out, left in a trauma,
Relieved, it turns out Ive had my hand down the back of the sofa.

some more haikus

Concentrate on lunch
while viewing internet fun.
Ow! Sandwich in eye.

Snogging sweatily,
her glitter make-up transferred.
Look like crap tranny.

Lowcut top strolls past,
tripping me, catching a glimpse.
Cleavage monster strikes

bass haiku

Bass played past 12th fret,
fingers wriggle rapidly.
Like stractching his balls.

snogging haiku

Drunk snog concussion
swoop in for rough tonguing. Bang!
Rubbing sore forehead.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

sandwish haiku

Sandwich consists of,
firm chedder cheese and pickle.
Crusts left on, damn it!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Rain attacks upturned
flowerpots with loud vengence.
Natures got rhythm.

calm sea

Further downstream I float
engulfed by these flames
no struggle just acceptance,
this is my final resolve.
Given full guard honours
a sacraficed solider
in this war of my heart.
No more loathing,
all traces burnt away
nothing will remain.
faded disjointed memories
as I slowly fade from your heart
no further part to play
in this war I fought and lost.
That fading glow in the distant sea
as I slip under the surface
burning in my selfish rage,
calm sea boils away and soothes
below, forgotten at last.

another haiku

Smug bastards on that
university challenge,
expensive schooling.

a haiku

Empty pint glasses
overload old oak table.
Conversation flows.

haikus again

Pretty girl draws scowls
from women who are jealous.
Object of male hearts.

Pub electric tense
football fans ready to fight.
The beautiful game.

Monday, 31 August 2009

forgotten path

Our mothers sleep with casual strangers
seperated fathers teary eyed drinks alone.
Both unaware of the dangers
that we face down this
darken road.
Journey starts, can no longer postpone.

Devided here we have collapsed, fallen
neighbours replaced with people unkown.
Society completely stolen
by our own automation
shutting down.
A new future for us, needs to be shown.

Streetlights pulse like a weak heartbeat
lighting only just a few steps further ahead.
these strangers we meet
to combine our touch
feeling our way.
This path found with our fingers outspread.

Friday, 28 August 2009

summers gone

End of August, summer holiday almost gone
yet I still havent seen any, not even one.
Teenage girls in flimsy revealing clothes
too adult for them, a bit too much shows,
childhoods shortened from social pressure
teaching them to flaut thier female gender,
I'm starting to question my moral mettle.
Out of court her parents want to settle.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

a haiku

Mary Poppins floats
overhead with umbrella.
Not wearing knickers!

a haiku

Man sinks into bath
ball sack spreads like oil slick.
Water far too hot.


Drummer paranoid
groupie continues to stare,
Locked on her target.

Loudly tooting horn!
flicking the V's at the flash.
Speeding road rager.

Flaming tire tracks,
Back to the Future stylee,
speeding driver flies.

more haikus

Spoon full of sugar
helps the tequila go down.
And straight up again.

Blank t-shirt ideal,
rotate after eating spag bol.
Stains hidden from sight.

Society girl
your daddys little princess.
Nothing to others.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

some more haikus again

Whale tail surfaces
a girl, too young leans forward.
Adult thong pokes out.

Groupie hunts down band
with pouty eyed seduction.
No tread left on that.

Bored stiff millionaire
sponsors local football team.
His face on shirt front.

No matter how hard
you flick it, always return.
Boomerang bogie.

a haiku

Drunk winter groping,
rubbing her erect nipple.
Its her coat button.

some more haikus

Pub fills with locals
laughter and chatter belong.
Lonely silent drunk.

Fingertips worn smooth
against heavy strings on bass.
My poor mans plectrum.

another haiku

Mouth foams violently,
like a mad cow diseased man.
New electric toothbrush.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

one more haiku

On my knees, frozen.
tears hidden by this rainstorm.
Self judgement begins.

another haiku

wooden beams across
celing, like lazy barcode.
Replica Tudor.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

weekends in town

These valley night trains continue to run
through gritted teeth this shift soon done.
Rusting tracks follow these contour lines
towards the ever growing city light shines.

Together we move, slowly galloping onwards
as the weary conductor automatically herds
these loud saturday nighters, into town.
as they begin thier social drunk meltdown.

Hoovered up from platforms into the dustbag
that is this towncenter, a damp dishrag,
absorbing the grimey remains from elsewhere.
Deposited around me, my worst nightmare.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

a haiku

Thirsty work, lift mug
Like fountain cherub spurts. Ewww!
Its bloody earl grey!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

further haikus

Sing Loveshack with me
my karaoke partner.
This time together.

Train station silence
longer than anywhere else.
Journey back from you.

My hand written notes
hidden deep, within your world.
I hope you find them.

a couple more haikus

Fairground rides no fun,
without your soft hand to squeeze.
For when I get scared.

Fancy dress cowboys,
ride into the night to pull.
Herding thier cattle.

a further haiku

When drunk questions asked,
expected that when sober
myself to answer.

another haiku

A people watcher
or just a greasy pervert.
The courts to decide.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

should of said

Bothered still by things I should of said
continue to haunt me until the day Im dead
Never stood up against fathers beatings,
still even now someone touching me stings.

Should of told my mother how useless she was
every question answered with because because,
from her delivered shoutings, saying go away
I am still silent and hidden to this very day.

I struggled with every moment you came near
not knowing what to do full of panicing fear.
All I ever wanted to do is show you with a kiss
how I felt, never did and its now what I miss.

Reaching out my hesitant hand trembling scared
to hold you and to whisper what Ive prepeared,
instead I was silent and my love I did betray.
Gained my voice, by then it was too late to say.

Here in this jail, scared, waiting to be found
still nothing, like a dusty piano with no sound.
They say that a man without family is no-one
yet without you Im on my own, it cannot undone.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

sweeter than a square of chocolate

You taste sweeter than
a stolen square of chocolate,
this shock and awe assault
on my tastebuds.
Leaves my senses disorientated
you're that dessert
I can never finish.
Full after feasting on your beauty,
this burning indigestion
keeps me warm
I will take the rest home
in a doggy bag
for when im ready for it.

rainbow kiss

Wrap your kiss in a rainbow
to keep it safe in my pocket
use it as my distress flare
to find my way home.

As needed as my morning coffee
the only way to start this day.

No sugar in my mug is needed,
the sweetener that you are

In bed i make sure the rainbow
is turned into a pillow
so i can sleep in your love.

Make sure my jeans are skinny and tight
so that kiss is pressed even closer
against me.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Embarrassed, I will never show you
its unbelievably cliche but true,
all I had to hand was my housekey
then was used to carve into this tree,
our woodcut intinals in a loving heart.
Council please! Tear this tree apart!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

take hold

Take hold,
we're bracing for impact
this time is ours
and is fading fast.
Full of the arrogance told
ignoring the few who are true
that self placed status.
Growing downfall.

Drown them,
with thier own silence
so you wont hear
the alarms calling.
To arms, seen as trators
replaced social wannabe uniform
with that of a solider.
Rise up together.

the enemy you seek out
is your own self
Trator of this race.
Dragged down by no morals
no backbone to carry this world
like all the kings men.
We all fall down.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

another haiku

Raindrops on window
leaving fading paths of dreams,
like dead shooting stars.

a haiku

Tickle girlfriends feet,
she wriggles hard and kicks free.
Im left bloody nosed.

some more haikus

Fruit flavoured lip balm
smells so tasty you could eat.
But dont though silly!

Mint shock shower gel
the perfect wake up, until....
My balls on fire!

Croissant for breakfast
crumbs hidden in shirt creases.
Perfect snacks til lunch.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

bite the stars

Carry you on my shoulders high
you are not the dragging burden
that you think you are,
held aloft as the sky darkens.
My shining latern.
full of sparkle lead the way
let you go, not a goodbye
as i will stay and wait to catch you.

Bite those stars and tear them open
made up from our forgotten desires
flame our smoldering fires
when you land I'll be asleep.
Kiss me, so my dreams
unfold from these jagged egdes
to our soft shared bedsheets.

Up here on this clifftop face
shop bought fireworks sent to
explode with my love,
fall short and shower downwards.
never reaching you.
just tickle your gentle feet
gathered ash in a fireplace
filled the air with evaporated truths.

Bite those stars and tear them open
made up from our forgotten desires
flame our smoldering fires
when you land I'll be asleep.
Kiss me, so my dreams
unfold from these jagged egdes
to our soft shared bedsheets.

These faults and fissured scars
all yours to view down from your
star hung cats cradle,
this humanrace with our flaws.
sun rise, stars mature.
sore neck from craning upwards
brightest of all the stars
falling with a rainbow back to earth.

a haiku

Pub anthem classic
harmonizing all drunk clans,
A song united.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Humans like raindrops
fall to this earth
making an greedy impact,
to quench their thirst.
Yet they just bleed away
into a forgotten puddle,
a still and silent lake.

a haiku

Postman delivers
snatch mail through letterbox.
Keep him on his toes.

some more haikus

Summer birds swarm here
like thirsty drinkers in pubs.
I.O.Us on tab.

Dragonfly hovers,
kingdom in full banquet.
Winter soon follows.

Monday, 20 July 2009

a haiku

Man who paints fences
has perfect karate skills,
says Mr Miyagi.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

some haikus

Bracing stepladder
knows not where to direct sight.
His groin at eye height.

Subtitles run on
confuddled during live link.
This is modern news

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

a haiku

Loud cricket applause
rolls across park, like thunder.
Wish I had ticket.

some more haikus

Bumble bee collects.
Unlike motorists searching
for cheapest petrol.

Signpost directions
only ever point two ways.
Never a crossroads

Skateboard man too quick,
doesnt spot stone on pavement.
Gravity does work.

Monday, 6 July 2009

a haiku

My latest art work
isnt a watercolour.
Ruined by my tears

a haiku

Cheap value coffee
crumbles like soft oxo cube.
Thicken with a spoon.

too late, i know,

I was petrified of holding you
having someone so close,
everything I wanted to say
I held back, hid it away.
Everything I ever wanted,
my brightest star
the exposure to you
was too much.
We all fell down, burnt.
Nothing more than a kiss
with my lips near you
I knew I'd whisper
all my truths in your ear.
When you wern't looking
I reached out a hand to hold
like a game of grandmothers footsteps
everytime you looked at me
I froze, I could move no closer
as your gaze never left mine.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

a haiku

Fumbling in the dark
trying to unclasp her bra.
Gah!! Thats my watch strap!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

some haikus

Sat in swimming shorts
legs prised apart keep me cool.
Gentle through breeze.

Inspiration! Now
write it down quickly before
the ink in pen runs. . . .

Haiku syllables
seventeen tones in total.
So use them wisely.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

another haiku

Cold, tiled bathroom floor,
stuck to it like fridge magnet.
My drunken sickness.

another pretty face

Everyday I order a cup of tea
from the pretty waitress.
Just to watch you bring it over
to see your polite smile.
To share that brief moment
of intamacey with you.

a haiku

Umbrella army
like field of soggy toadstools.
Eye height metal spikes.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

haikus by me

Church spires float past
foreground homes bland colours blur.
Views for train journeys.

Grazing cows outside
litter fields like burnt out cars.
Mans greed, modern needs.

some more haikus

Sunbathers pack beach
tiny bikinis on show.
Hold on! Shes topless!

Upper class spoilt brats
pick faults in the train and laugh.
How the poors travel.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

some more haikus

Womans athletics
especially the long jump.
leaves me so aroused.

Wimbledons boring,
no longer interests me.
Kournikova gone.

Friday, 19 June 2009

this letter

I've posted this letter to you,
at recorded delivery cost
as I'm too shy to admit this to your face.
Bullet pointed below in capital letters
so you can clearly read, is the truth.
You put the buzz in my flight
as I bumble floating on your scent.
Installed my unbreakable smile
as I squelch home to you
after standing in a puddle.
I'd go hungry at lunch
to spend the last of the change
in my wallet, to buy you flowers.
Have all the hot water to fill the bath
and take your time.
I'd just use your warm bathwater after.

some haikus

Bookcase tightly packed
Spines unbroken never read.
Ungained faked knowledge.

Stone kicked in anger
skips down street into car door.
Mood changes, leg it!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

some more haikus again

Power drill tempts me,
vibrating noises shakes house.
Moved wardrobe hides hole.

Sink full of bubbles.
Below surface lurks a knife,
deadly like a shark.

No More Nails! I bought,
how strong is it I wonder?
Chair stuck high to wall.

Coffee stains ring mug,
glaze inside like doughnut top.
Human tidal lines.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


That gentle kiss you blew towards me
floats gently on your scent.
Folded safely tight, deep in my pocket
saved, for when i need it.
A grazed knee fixed by a kiss from you
soothed by paitent love.
I dont have your clean medicated touch
I just sting and burn.

a haiku

Dressed for attention,
push up dress gets the wrong kind.
Women are fickle.

some more haikus

Bake for twenty mins,
Browning in slow sweaty heat.
Summer has arrived.

Sausages sizzle
like childs fat sticky fingers
greasy BBQ.

Removed watch reveals.
Session in sun, far too long.
My tan line Sundial.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

a summers haiku

Shirt sleeves rolled top high.
Magazine shields reddened face.
Summers lunch hour.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

that taste

Still even now, you're that taste
that ball of bile.
Stuck in the back of my throat
like a bitter lump.
Unable to swallow.

valley trains

Like a pulse of light
the last train flickers
through the Valley veins.
Packed red jerseys
another Welsh win
once more, once again.

a haiku

Pub band, live music
enthusastic drummer.
Ears still ringing now.

a haiku

Alone as normal,
loathe this emptiness inside.
No-one will enter

Thursday, 11 June 2009

some more haikus

Slow whispered tonal
composed harmony through trees.
summers song play on.

Dinosaur T-Rex
frustrated by awkward itch.
Arms too short to reach.

Lake calm, steady still
ready for my body now.
Disturbed by ripple.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The reason I dont hold you
the way I want to is because Im scared,
that I dont know how to
its all new to me, I want to be shared.

more haikus

Ice Cream devoured
slobbered all over my face,
like milk white spag bol.

Sticks & stones break bones,
words hurtle towards like spears.
Matrix bullet time.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

my list

On the palm of my hand
in permanent marker*.
I will write a to-do list
for each and every day.
On it will command, a cuddle,
a kiss - underlined twice.
A back rub, to do the washing up,
to fetch chips in the rain.
I will tick these off daily
for as long as I am with you.

*one that smells like bakewell tarts

some further haikus

Fresh out of shower,
body smells of milky soap.
Talc me down baby!

Rainstorm drags its feet,
like super deluxe carwash.
Patience is the key.

Pillow fight. Round two,
Knockout feather bursting shot.
These moments with you.

Monday, 8 June 2009

missed you

To this day I still miss you,
but what it was, now replaced with regret
of not saying what was so blaintently true
that I loved you, my duet.

a haiku

Slippers on feet
tea in mug, nowt on tv.
Sunday night routine.

Bedroom Rights

'Whats the triple X throw down?'
my face holds a quizzical frown,
whisper in my ear what it means
bed now! Please! Removed jeans.
The horizontal monster mash
bed squeaks as we roll and thrash,
'whats this position?', I ask my dear,
bent twisted, 'Ow!' Finger in my ear.
Afterwards in a sweaty heap in bed
anything like that again, I'll be dead.

some more haikus

Fire alarm wails,
stupid toaster, milky tea.
My weekday mornings.

Burp loudly again
trying to quench that curry,
burning tastebuds.

Sparrow watches me
perched low on branch, as I pee.
Cant go while you watch.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

haiku for a hot day

traffic slows to crawl.
to avoid the sleeping cat
lying on hot road.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

another haiku

Thunderstorm downpour
raindrops trickle down phone lines.
Loud splash as it lands.

finally i feel

Life lived without emotion
nothing but a loveless flywheel.
With you now, I finally feel
like rainfall on a calm ocean.

Friday, 5 June 2009

haiku once more

Drifting towards me
following their slow purpose.
Bad mood cloud above.

another haiku

Still alone, friendless,
throw my frustration at them.
My self punishment.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

a haiku

Dragged down by myself
emotions form like lead boots.
Lag behind and drown.

Monday, 1 June 2009

a haiku

Breeze fills dry laundry,
like chubby invisible
people on the line.

Friday, 29 May 2009

more haikus

Cant see a way out,
fumbling blindly through this life.
Death the only light.

Pollen tickles, floats
gently on the breeze. Damn it!
straight in my tea mug.


A rabbit stretches
in the low slung morning sun.
Unaware that above
a kestrel licks his lips at his
tender breakfast.

some more haikus

Sky above cool blue,
here ground crisps in gentle heat.
British summer time.

Polite ambling,
bank holidayers basking.
Sunny long weekend.

Friday, 22 May 2009

some more haikus

Oh Casey Ryback
all American hero.
Girdle makes him thin.

Anarchy will rein.
Rise up, take over the world.
Rain pours, not today

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Man walking down street.
anonymous in this crowd
Safety in numbers.

Bikini clad minx.
Males watch like browsing meerkats,
jealous girlfriends scowl.

somemore haikus

Ref blows, extra time.
Glancing at my watch, still got
ironing to do.

Beds trusted footboard,
makes me purr like a kitten.
Personal footrub.

pear tree

Pear tree planted,
celebrate the birth
of our first born.
Now ripped up
to make way
for new patio.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

a sad clown

Clown eyes, not red from make up.
His wife left him that morning
a true professional.
The show must go on.

some more haikus

Sniper bullet rain,
strikes back of my neck, man down!
British summer time.

Bite down hard on wrist,
walls bloodied with my punched rage.
Match the hurt within.

cat on mat

Cat on mat.
'Where he sat?'
'Cat, he sat!'
'Where?' 'On mat!'

Monday, 18 May 2009


Big fat green lougie.
Spat out in sink, moves like a
skater in half pipe.

never heal but fade

These scars run
from the cause to a result.
A journey I dont
want anyone to have to take.
If I ever get lost,
I have these paths to follow.
Never look back always forward.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


A fresh new morning,
one more completed in life.
My prison sentence.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hail & Blue Skys

Continued neverending battle,
those emotions will hunt you
each and every day.
Gathering greying darkness
greenlighted to rage down
seeking out your weakness.
No mercy, no mercy.
Draw your breath deep
to prepear your flight
that one final leap.
Behind lurking until you die,
run down sign posted pathway
you cannot escape this.

Hail locked on, rockets down
burning to tears from your eyes
cutting soft scars, homemade tattoos.
No fight left just acceptance
that calmness ensues,
its finally lifted begin my rescue.
My first true sunrise,
nothing but blue skies to sail into.

Fall down depleted collasped,
this deadend soul cut, brusied
on hands and knees.
Preying those who held you
securely tight were gone,
weighed down
scared by love they renew.
So flee, So flee.
Push past, ignore the hurt
eye contact will pain.
Exhausted energy exert
this is your war, your fight.
Gather your single man armies
only you can defeat.

Dodging first falling stones
overwelmed by these gathering
collected hurdles.
The hail comes down, numbing
rain washes away down to my
pure form,
scream out thunderous rage.
Within me, within me.
That final old lions roar
is his most dagerous
this my final encore,
now nothing left deep inside.
Replaced by nervous trembles
to start each day.

some haikus

Leaf tumbles in breeze
thrown far from home, lost alone.
In Kansas no more.

Dandelion seeds,
pour down railways on the breeze,
like smoke from coal trains.

Monday, 11 May 2009

the child within

Looking down your smug nose at me
I just want to ask you one thing,
one small question.
Have you ever seen a sad child, a boy
only 8 years, ever so young,
trying to work out.
How to make a hanging noose, I have,
I still see him everytime I look,
deep in a mirror.


Sunrise slow chorus
gently awakening my soul.
Brings continued hope.

Friday, 8 May 2009

yet another haiku

Hail like sugarlumps,
splosh into filling puddles.
None in my tea thanks.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

more haikus

Click my slippers heels,
wishing theres no place like home.
Still lost and alone.

Tired of waiting.
I am here, why dont you come?
My patient friend Death.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Coal slag heap reborn
Wildlife park grows, hiding all.
Scarred by industry.

another haiku

I'm different, look,
pay me the attention I want.
Says one of the crowd.

Monday, 4 May 2009

another daydream

Sat amongst Japanese students
watching the countryside shoot by.
Pretending I'm on a bullet train,
roaring through Japan.


Delicate soft face,
hidden by thick spread make-up.
Cracks in ones own wall.

some more haikus

Clouds overhead brew,
turning into greying lumps
of sucked candyfloss.

Flight of butterfly
graceful towards a fresh start.
Shell, left dead behind.

Headphone encased world,
no-one but ourselves in it.
We are all strangers.

fabric softened sheets

Again I havent found
the right words to tell you,
standing here uncomfortably dressed
breaking in, creaking shiney shoes
want to hide in the background
my home.
Shirt, tie and rose in my hand
this abuot myseld i detest
I love you there is no excuse.

Like my fabric softened sheets
cuddle up within you
that comforting effect repeats.
Nothing more than a riddle
why your still here with me
that cute heart shaped freckle
adds to this great big feeling of win.
The reduction sticker bin at tesco
is where i belong buried deep within.

Yogi bear scavaging
I'd be your devoted boo boo
and follow you all over yellowstone
bed down, hibernate through winter
just to see another new spring
with you.
Doc leaf to my stinging nettle
I prickle all until im alone
Im yours, hook line and sinker.

Like my fabric softened sheets
cuddle up within you
that comforting effect repeats.
Nothing more than a riddle
why your still here with me
that cute heart shaped freckle
adds to this great big feeling of win.
The reduction sticker bin at tesco
is where i belong buried deep within.

Every mountain conquered
how to prove your true value,
build a castle for you my lady queen
defend this palace to my very end
your taste is one savoured
by me.
Like cheese and jam sandwiches
esquistate taste my caffine.
you are myself, my bestfriend.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

never mourn.

No matter how hard I try
it cant be done,
never called you mother
not to cause pain,
but because I dont see you
as my mum.
These emotional strings
were cut long ago
since then I've just drifted
not from just you but also
the other strangers that make up
our common surname.
I can force myself to try to
feel something at least for you,
but I dont.
Dont expect me to shed a tear
at your funeral
I shant be there, no-where near
as you're already dead to me

haikus some more

'Can't find my glasses'.
'What do they look like?' They ask,
'glasses,' I reply.

Can never tell you,
Whisper it now, in your ear.
Pretty in your sleep.

Lonley shy woman,
to get her sexual kicks.
Uses spin cycle.

haiku entry

Continues to float,
flower drifts down aging Taff
out to sea to die.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

another haiku

Birdsong loud and strong,
filling this joyous day full.
Like the summers sun.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

that older woman

No-one around here except you.
My known knowledge
of adult film scenes.
Many start this way.
The older woman draws me near
that smile dazzling like full beams
her eyes glow with experience
and tales I long to hear.

Multi-tasking Wonder Woman
sent here to tease
not just me
but every straight male.
With just a flick of your hair
have men filing about
like a worker bee.
We're all weak at our knees.

Standing patiently in the room,
leaves me feeling
like a naughty boy
awaiting punishment.
Maybe, thats just my fantasy.
Your skin soft like a smooth alloy
warm, still kissable like that
castle stone at Blarney.

Multi-tasking Wonder Woman Wonder
sent here to tease,
not just me
but every straight male.
With just a flick of your hair
have men filing about
like a worker bee.
We're all weak at our knees.

Heels replaced by trainers new,
like your underwear.
Goddess to frumpy.
Still a knockout set.
Kept nearby under lock and key
for special occasions, like on tv.
Fine red wine. Full, strong body
taste bud pleasing & classy.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

moral haiku

Used as an excuse
those with little weak morals.
Here in Amsterdam.

weekend in amsterdam

Unified by cheap print poloshirts
meaningless nicknames
sprawled across thier backs,
stained with alcohol spilt.
Alpha male empty drinked, blurts
'dont tell the missus',
striding into her red lit room
leaves with no trace of guilt.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Butterfly floats by,
take aim with your camera, Damn!
Flutters on again.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

further haikus to read

Hiccupping home drunk,
key turns in lock like finger
in a crusty nose.

Aggressive headbutt
recieved from a bumble bee,
scalley of bug world.

Breeze ripples surface,
glistens like camera flashes
at a football match.

Friday, 17 April 2009

broken lava lamp

Whitenoise ticking from the clock
filling my empty world.
Unfurnished naked and bare,
jut the way I liked you
sitting here continuinhg to stare
into this dead space as it
all unfurls.

No bank holidays to delay
the inevertable,
from here in the front room
I see the binmen collect
the remains of you from my life.
this, the last play of our tune.

The longest week of my life
rumagaing through that attic space
riddance to all memories,
burn all photos attempt to deface
what I now hate.

Boxes soggy not from damp rain
from my heavy tears.
carried out to the doorstep,
people rumage through
our happy times we shared and felt
as they pass by this exhaling
lonely phase.

No bank holidays to delay
the inevertable,
from here in the front room
I see the binmen collect
the remains of you from my life.
this, the last play of our tune.

The longest week of my life
rumagaing through that attic space
riddance to all memories,
burn all photos attempt to deface
what I now hate.

Our yuka plant out there to fend
for dying itsself.
thankfully we had no children
our time spent together
our lives summed up in boxes.
that broken lava lamp another
dead promise.

No bank holidays to delay
the inevertable,
from here in the front room
I see the binmen collect
the remains of you from my life.
this, the last play of our tune.

lame haiku

Rain floods the gutter,
drowning the soggy moss like
a drunken sailor.

the letterbox pervert

The letterbox pervert
follows dog walkers home.
He waits 'til nightfall
then strikes,
smearing his willy in dog food
and poking it through
the letterbox and whistles to
get the dogs attention.
'Good boy' he squirms against the door.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

another haiku

Here in the front room
I see binmen, collect the
last of you from my life.

the white socked wideboy of this land

'Lizzy duke splashed around my neck
like cheap aftershave,
for I am all that is wrong
with society.
I should be you servant,
as your taxes pay for me.
Those dole chasers to who I belong.
My senseless belief
in my selfworth,
shirt and tracksuit
bottom combo,
worn for so long.
For I am the
white sockeed wideboy.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

some more haikus

Bee impatiently
bumbles loudly, behind me.
Now safe to pass by.

Spring silence broken
by wary bleeting calls from
new lambing mothers.

Squelchy field loaded,
like land mines, be careful where
you put your foot down.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

sad face

My childhood sounds
are not happy ones,
The crunching angry blows
from a father who drank.
The screeching shouts from
mother who didnt care.
My own sounds of muffled
sobbing tears i cry.
But silence now
as i hide in my secret place.

some more haikus

Rain clouds gather,
run outside with soap on rope,
Soul quenching shower.

My ring finger burns
to be clad in band of gold,
for what it stills yearns

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tipsy kisses

Tipsy kisses seem nothing now,
caught tagged on facebook
for everyone.
To have a look.
Gossip and rumour,
freshmint listerine
mouth tasty and clean.
Putting me off-kilter with
that kiss,
I lean in again for another
and miss.

Friday, 3 April 2009

haiku by me

Woodlouse trundles by,
a tank through a dead warzone.
Damp rotting bathroom.

camping issues

Sleeping under the silent stars
one of the joys of camping,
until the couple nextdoor
go at it.
Sounds like a man unblocking
a sink with a plunger.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

on holiday for just an hour

French school kids run about in the park,
I listen into thier conversations
and daydream that I'm overseas on holiday.
Before I have to finish my lunch break
and get back to work.

Monday, 30 March 2009


Wanderer, still lost
far from home, never to return
left with a rucksack
no material objects to burden.
Always looking back
to what he held close and dear
footsteps continue
this worn path, brings him here.
Otherside of this river
uptakes his hard pacing stride
reminded too much
of home, of what he left behind.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

lonely bass

Down in this cellar
I play this chipped bass,
unable to cope
with two more strings.
Slumped dead on
this floor, no further strength,
no path forward
without your guidance.

Sat on my stool
wounded in my warzone,
white flag flutters
but I'll continue fighting.
My face unshaven
cant face whats in my mirror,
so how can I
let you look into my eyes.

Hold out my arm
prepear to burn myself,
I'm too scared
Use hot wax to avoid,
committed scarring.
I dont know if i'm hot or cold,
as I have noone
to hold and to tell me.

Friday, 27 March 2009

some haikus once more

Trees natter above,
like old cheek pinching grannies.
Scared, lost in this wood.

Viaduct stands proud,
valley below hurting, in pain.
Still scarred from abuse.

Drizzling rain, damp
creeping to the rotting souls,
collapsed valley towns.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


You lied to me
said i was great,
you were my destiny
the point of my life.
But when i struggled
needed help and fell,
you didnt catch me.
You just twisted your
broken heel deep into
my heart
and left.

lonely hand

My hand as a child,
never held.
My hand now is
too large to be held.
I still have no hand to
hold in mine.


So do I need you?
or are you here, just to fill
that space in my arms.

What I wouldn't give
for a firm spanking from you.
My Japanese wife.

Monday, 23 March 2009

nudist beach

My first time
and I'm shy,
nervously eating
my pork pie.
Up on beach,
waves lapping.
peak around,
towels flapping.
Salt sea breeze
knobbly knees.
too much skin
on public show,
thank god that
its noone I know.
A girl of eighteen
applies sunscreen
to a male heavy
pervy audience.

some more haikus again

River slumbers on,
disturbed by my stumbling
sweaty reflection.

Confused by half caught
conversations wheezed past,
by morning joggers.

Loud drunk crowds gather
like humid thunderstorm clouds.
Spoiling my weekend.

Friday, 20 March 2009

haikus again

Spring daisies appear,
like disgarded smoked fag butts.
Litter the park ground.

Gulls squalk biting tones,
like valley girls out on a
saturday night town.

Birdsong fights traffic
to be my lunchtime soundtrack
during park visit.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

some more haikus

Climb to mountain top,
trying to enjoy the view.
Bloody damn midges.

Laundry high on line.
Spring breeze fills shirt like ships sail.
Bra flaps like wind sock.

Trains once rumbled by
replaced now by many cars.
Valleys echo still.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

kinky times

Another tuesday evening approaches,
our pre-planned night
for the horizontal monster mash.
Tied up break me in with abuse,
leave me covered with brusies.
If anyone asks,
I'll say that i had a fight
and lost.
Pour over hot wax,
wince as it hits me with a splash.
All through this Im still
trying to remember if I flossed.

Be kinky,
with me.
I'll shout out our chosen
safety word.
If it all gets a little
too much,
dont want to be left
broken and fractured.

Saddle up get on top pull my reins,
whip imported from japan
want to play horesy some more.
Seen just a respectable couple,
special wardrobe full of canes.
Swinger sites,
wearing more rubber than
a bike tire.
Pinch tightly, scratch,
stubbing my toe hard on the door.
The only pain i dont like
makes me howl like a choir.

Be kinky,
with me.
I'll shout out our chosen
safety word.
If it all gets a little
too much,
dont want to be left
broken and fractured.

Some stuff has too many extremes,
a bit too much to try
like being dressed like pikachu.
This Cosplay nonsense seems,
offputting and unarousing but.
If Im honest
you would look good
as Chun Li.
Spinning bird kick me
until youve got me bent over you.
Wrestle me to the floor
suffogate me with that hot booty.

Friday, 13 March 2009

oh rachel riley

From the moment my eyes
clapped stubbled on you.
My heart felt full,
like its stuffed full of pies.
Cogs twirl,
in that war stopping
pretty face working out
that numbers round.
No greater beauty can be found,
except if you were nude
thats so true.

Oh Rachel Riley
with your smart head
and warming smile.
I'd swot up just to impress
as long as at the end
you got to undress.

Politely making small talk
with dictoinary corner.
I watch you,
practicing my moonwalk.
In bed,
bring you breakfast
before ive finished toast.
I would watch you
solve the daily mails sudoku,
so modest about it my
ecliptic lunar.

Oh Rachel Riley
with your smart head
and warming smile.
I'd swot up just to impress
as long as at the end
you got to undress.

Everyday a different outfit
that shows off those.
Luscious legs,
to my tv they transmit.
Placed vowels,
and odd consonants
spell my long love of her.
Queen on throne
Carol fanbase continue to moan,
will she ever be mine?
Noone knows.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Interview gone wrong.
Sticky toffee gave me a
speech inpediment.

Quantum mechanics
for those intelligent souls.
I'll read the Beano.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

smug looker

Jealous?!? Of you?!
With your smug fat face,
and fat-assed hairy armed
girlfriend hanging
off you.
I dont think so.

loathing town

Standard issued night in town,
displaying, like zoo animals.
Alpha males,
hunting down hen parties.
Jewellery shaking
like a tube of smarties
Wide boy swagger
causing a dark hating frown,
more use as a cavader.

Uniformed dress code
brown shoes, blue jeans
a rolled up sleeve shirt
from river island.
Leaves me feeling inert,
as they bound about in
autopilot mode.

Endangered, the only one here,
wearing, a scruffed up tshirt.
Vodka shots,
downed by valley brusiers.
sambucca scent
lures pack of crusiers,
the morning after
I watch drinking a flat beer,
will end in disaster.

Uniformed dress code
brown shoes, blue jeans
a rolled up sleeve shirt
from river island.
Leaves me feeling inert,
as they bound about in
autopilot mode

Queuing up for late night entry,
auditioning snog marry avoid.
Tapping heels,
Determined wannabe wags.
our futures mothers
Dance around Gucci bags
obsessed by image
sell themselves, a low fee,
push up bra cleavage.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Striding a quick pace
stand on someones heel. Look to
person left to blame

Monday, 9 March 2009


Friends form circles like
sticky pint marks on table.
Wipe away with a cloth

extreme wanking

Hidden at back of cinema,
as i rub one out.
Furious flapping strokes
no matter how hard,
I cant feel my wang.
Stop dead.
Sickly panic sets in,
this isnt my cock.
Whispered in my ear,
'Dont Stop'.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Fell in love with girl,
Looked in her eyes, and told her
All rests with her now

my private view

Gasping for sweaty breaths
staggering to the very top.
Collapsing on knees.
Gah! Someone else is up here!
Hangaround until they go
so i can have this view all to myself.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Water flows, cascades.
Sharp rocks ground down, until smooth.
Scars will never fade.

Extractor fan hums,
polite conversation said,
over coffee cup.

Woodpeckers rhythm,
train chorus rumbles below.
stream twinkles like stars.

Smokers of Bargoed

Choking as belching smoke
pours out,
not from coal trains and pits.
Deep scarred and worn
faces of those smokers
who still live here.

Friday, 27 February 2009

meh haikus

Floorboards underfoot
creak like bones, rotting with age.
Grown old together.

Boring plain black sock,
on to what foot should you go.
Hidden decision.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

a haiku for you

Valleys spray tan booth.
Only two tones on offer,
golden and extreme.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

haaaaaiiii ---- kkuuuuussss

Watching groups of friends
from my solitary perch.
How my life is spent.

Taxis like trawlers,
as with tides, hauling their catch,
in and out of town.

barlady chick

Approaching towards,
I gaze down at the floor.
This crowded bar,
I'm still the one
holding your attention.
Just once, want to say,
something else for a change.

For a moment a split second
I think that you want me,
just waiting for my order.
No matter how hard I try,
to you I will only ever be
a lonely drunk barfly.

if I was a salmon

Screw all this swimming up river,
I'll just leave my eggs here thanks.
Job done.
'Pint anyone??'

Monday, 23 February 2009


Pretty face, once close.
Walks by, with polite lost wave,
another regret.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

haikus again

Here, deep in my head,
my Fortress of Solitude.
Alone with my thoughts.

Around me life hoots.
Rude, like a Carry On film,
laughing like Sid James.

some more haikus

Walking in nature,
always slow pace, calm senses.
To see all of it.

Forgotten train track,
no longer smooth, rusting rough.
Like a unshaved face.

Soggy muddy browns,
waiting for the right moment.
Bursting to spring greens.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


This Mountain, too steep.
Camp here, gather fading strength,
lying drunk in road

Monday, 16 February 2009

packed bar

Busy with rugby fans.
Pub, squeezed in,
women force thier way past,
to get to the loo.
Boobs pressed against me,
I dont mind,
nor do they,
from the looks of it.

another haiku

Like a yawning cat,
stretched out across the sofa
and coffee table.

Friday, 13 February 2009

countdown haiku

New Countdown lady,
from your vowels to your bottom,
make my belly fizz

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I am a country bumpkin,
through & through.
I fear nothing,
as I skid my bike,
through a large cow poo.


Damn you clementine,
with your infinite peeling skin.
Nail breaking plith,
gah, citruc juice in my eye.
All this for one of my five a day.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

another haiku

Spoon scaldingly hot,
left for too long in the mug,
as tea was brewing.

grans death

How my mother broke the news
that my gran was dead.
She shouted up the stairs to me,
as I read, sat on my bed.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Loud fart in shower.
Smells so much more than before,
explain that science.

Big bad scary dog.
Slobbering around my groin,
Scared, slightly aroused.

Monday, 9 February 2009

medieval guard

Stuck outside, bored all on my own,
winter chill right through to my bone.
Heat spits out from the lantern torch,
horse rides up to gate, the medieval porch.
'Halt, who goes there?!' I automactically sigh.
'Who said that?' Demands a booming reply.
'Ah its just you, a lowly guard,
Its me, Lord Sir Prince of Chard'.
'State your business, Good Kind Sir.'
'I'm here to see the Princess, to make her purr.'
Clomping off in her scented direction.
Codpiece covering his rattling erection,
dismounting his horse with a loud clang,
ready to mount another to bang.
Later he rides back with a smug grin,
yes, we all heard her filthy wailing din.
Splashing me with mud as he gallops past
again covered in mud, this stain will last.
The joys of the life I lead,
sod it, I'll have another swig of this mead.

Friday, 6 February 2009


Medieval guard, on Sentry duty.
Opening gate to let in those Princes.
To plough the Kings daughter.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

sweaty feet

.ScrapYard Feet.
Socks pulled off. Sweaty.
Across floor, coins stick to feet.
like scrap yard magnet.

snow haiku

Snow crunches down, like
polystyrene packaging
from a new TV.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

rude man

'Oi, Barkeep,
I'll have a guinness
and a guinness and black.
Which ones the black?'

'The one thats got a
cock drawn on the top.'

female student archaeologist

Student woman in trench,
digging up archaeology.
I should be looking at
that Roman vase.
But i cant stop looking
down your top.


Pub decor range in
many browns, blur into one,
as i down more drinks.

Snowflake angrily
bangs hard against the window.
Like a Bumble bee.

Monday, 2 February 2009


Holding hands tightly,
perfect fit, like machine cogs.
Never wearing down.


Petite stunning woman,
with your small ickle ears.
I'll buy your drinks all night
as long as i get
to rub your earlobes.


Slippers on feet, tight
and seem to pinch. No wonder!
On wrong way around.

Friday, 30 January 2009

sigh, yet another lame haiku

Water boiled, poured
over Corn Flakes, milk floods cup.
Thats Breakfast ruined.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

the underground

Packed in again,
like a fat kids lunchbox.
Groin pressed up against
the small of another mans back.
Creating a meat sandwich.

some more haikus

Silently they fall,
snowflakes glide down. one goes 'Weeeeee'.
There is always one.

Drips erratically
like a broken shower head,
this rainstorm will pass.

Woman in glasses,
looking over top of specs.
Take me to bed now.

Amazon woman,
dominant, tall, sexy, strong.
Take me for Snoo Snoo.

Haribo eaten,
can smell colours, time changes.
This is my Taris.

Want to take you home,
Sexy body, Butterface.....?
Am i drunk enough?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I am a monk,
I am a monk,
who doesnt have sex.
I am a monk,
who doesnt have sex.
Im too drunk, to get it up.

haiku 107# (ish)

Bogie pulled from nose,
rolled between thumb and finger.
Looks like a cigar.

Monday, 26 January 2009


Elephants mating,
as I'm out on safari.
Am I a voyeur?

Long hot summers day,
asleep in car, feet poke out,
cooled by gentle breeze.

if i was rich

If I was a billionaire,
I'd be a football clubs
shirt sponsor.
It would just be my face.

Shipping Forecast

Again in bed, alone.
The shipping forecast
guides many to sleep.
Yet I cannot,
the husky voiced woman
has given me a hard on.


Standing over the loo,
no time to unbutton boxers,
just pull them down.
Realease that jet stream,
big splash back caused by
rising pant elastic.

haikus again

Under my bed
I hide once again
like a child.

Eyebrows, sit up high,
waggle like feet on hot coals.
Big as post-it notes.

Phone lurks deep in pocket,
vibrates hard against my groin.
Let it ring too long.

Roll of sticky tape,
makes many a disguises
wrapped over my face.

Friday, 23 January 2009

power out

like frost creeping across


Pull up and park, engine turned off.
Smell of fish and chips fill the car,
Interior light on to view my feast,
greasy fingers from battered sausage.
At my window, a cock pressed against.
Driving off, single male drivers in cars,
never visit again. Damn dogging site.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Like a hand through hair,
wind ruffles through the branches.
Of this balding tree

drunken mistake

Greg knew what was coming,
he heard it a long way off.
Those clomping heels,
belonging to that fat chick
he nailed the other night.

view during my early morning run

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

sex shop on front page


Muddy lump in ground,
are you a Saxon spearhead?
Or just a small stone?

Rain pours hard, downwards.
Attacks the ground with a splat,
like a huge cowpat.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

my small enemy

My hidden mortal enemy,
clunks about, like a heavy doorkey.
Like a highly trained ninja
swinging on teatowels, near and far.
This annoying little toerag,
Eating away through the flour bag.
Nibbling away at crumbs,
added costs, working out the sums.
I can't face setting a trap,
put off by that spine breaking snap.
Damn you, a tiny mouse,
more at home than me, in my house.


Freshly laid tarmac.
Squishy underfoot, smelly,
like a warm cowpat.

Storm rages down hail,
bouncing off me, like bullets.
I am Superman

a matt the castle bagel

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

more haikus

Drizzle splutters down,
like fine sieved icing sugar,
covers thoroughly.

Hey, good looking. Mmmm
your ass is fine. Gah! Abort!
Friends younger sister!

Cold side of pillow.
Comforting to my warm skin,
like fresh underpants.

Rainfall dampens all,
soft comforting rhythmic sound.
My soul meditates.

That older woman,
bends over her desk, reveals
why she is a milf.

White rolls up on prey.
By suprise knocked in pocket,
potted that red ball.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

another haiku

Loo seat up or down?
It doesnt bother me much,
I pee in the bath.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

some more haikus

Pretty weather girl.
Brightens up my day, unlike
this crappy weather.

'What are you wearing?!?'
'Its just something I threw on.'
'What did you do? Miss?'