Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Modern Christmas

That christmas anticipation
no longer exsists,
when children were once
early to large soft beds.
Then to wake early
like noisy central heating
filling the dozing house.

No longer rubbing excited eyes
as they fight to stay awake
to keep an eye out for Santa
and have to be put to bed
by caring gentle parents.

The christmas post
no longer struggles.
The lack of well wishing cards
and patiently spelt letters
to Father Christmas
from innocent kids.

Instead they scream purple faced
at their liberal parents
until they get what they want.
Disappointed with expensive toys
broken in frustration before they
are fully unwrapped.

Sulking through Christmas lunch
is that how you want to spend
this oneday of giving?
Photos of frowning faces
topped by crackers paper crown.

I will sit here alone and hope
that I will have a family
one day to share this day with.
Maybe one year we should swap
and you children can see
they should be grateful
for what they've got.

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