Monday, 26 July 2010


Trouser trumpet toots
her orchestra crescendos.
Encore! She cries loud.

some further haikus

Hard finger fucking
from touchscreen iphone users.
Satisfied girlfriends.

Sit on your white throne
command an army of death.
Curry from last night.

a haiku

Shower steaming pure
cleansed of clinging daily sin.
Cheaply sold soul works.

some haikus

Hanging pub lights sway
UFOs hover over.
Drunk voyage begins.

Pinky out, drink tea
eye poked as you slurpy sip.
Delicate tea cups.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

a haiku about jazz

Chords lightly stammer
notes sucked through saxaphone straw.
Brush strokes tapping foot.

a haiku about wandering

Wandering lost still
looking for that rural path.
To my home at last.

a haiku

Hot chocolate cream
melts in warm thickening seas.
Global trade effects.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

hidden secrets found

Computers speak
in organised binaray tones
military bunkered
analysts confirm
the launch date
for world war three
is postponed
delayed deaths
for the millions
of soliders unknown.

Those silent orders
from classified departments,
war games played out.
Please for the good of the people
less secrecy
and more transparacy
our world full of doubt.

Humans speak
in auto dead monotones
blog status updates
information gained
by those few
no secrets unheard.
everything known
except those
kept silent in your heart
dont let them corrode.

Those silent orders
from classified departments,
war games played out.
Please for the good of the people
less secrecy
and more transparacy
our world full of doubt.

Computers speak
in scrambled erroring codes
liutenants soon pray
missle countdown
our slow death
burnt to the ground
dropped payload
unheard screams
through our online world
society erodes.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

the aftermath

Clock seconds tick
with an ever slowing pace
towards me,
familiar as your boots
over this bare wooden floor.

Cold thick socked toes
missing your warmth
demanding to know,
where you are.

Face covered with
sandpaper stubble, forgotten to shave
left with Homer Simpson muzzle
against which you once would nuzzle
nothing now but sharp corrigated rust.

Left with red eye fall out
since you've gone
crop circle trails
carved out from heavy tears
on salt dried skin.

Fall apart in these dreams
paralysed yet restless
with every lasting gentle
lick against my lips
that taste of you fades.

Friday, 16 July 2010

haikus about trains

Crowd surfing train rolls
over green leaved valley walls.
Bearable commute.

Steam trains tunnel path
shoelace tugged from leather boot.
Rethread through next hole.

early morning haiku

Heron yawns awake
stretches legs to releave cramp.
Sun up start fishing.

a haiku abotu summers rain

Grey boy racer clouds
skidding doughnuts across sky.
Rainbow speed humps slow.

Monday, 12 July 2010


Sharp caws for order
crows take organised council.
On knotted branched seats.

Sneezed solar system
destroyed by black hole sleeve.
Smeered back door window.

city bus of woe

this morning stuck on a overloaded bus
the autopiloted commuter run at 8.15
lurches around corners with
piano on skateboard lean,
late for work, all in a rush
hot crispy duck greasy leg
cooked alive
from over eager underseat heater
too stubborn to cough splutter and die.
Thick ear wax slowly melts
from hot mouth breathers over your shoulder
crumpled corners of morning newspapers read
silently you wish other passagers dead
spittoon bucket ding
signalling to stop
the bus suddenly pulls in.
More disgusted gazes upon
yawning faces
as more try to force themselves onboard
through opening doors
like contestants on stars in thier eyes
tonight matthew im going to be the one they all despise
the one with the double childs buggy
and ice cream saber waving screaming kids.
Stuck in traffic red light rages
commuters packed into excape proof cages
cabin fever hot sweats begin
as teens slowly deafen from tinny headphone din.
Stop button pressed with urgancy
crowd surf haul up towards the driver
five stops early gettig off now
bracing for a sharp jolting stop,
commando parachute exit drop
on the pavement catching your breath
no more, no more is your new mantra
walk further, instead of the bus of death.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

island path

Numbed slowly to death
this fog too thick
to see through.
Unable to discover myself
as I cant explore
what is here.
Patience worn thin
stomping a heavy path
already, I know where its heading
towards the sharp rocks
Your full beam smile
in this fog doesnt work
unheard gentle calls from you
to guide me.
Still I go in circling fumbled routes.
Scars embedded on my body
as I fight through sharp
overgrown paths.

Monday, 5 July 2010

embarrassed street light haiku

Embarrassed street light
illuminated red faced.
Smelly dog peed feet.

a haiku about shorts

Wear tight fitting pants
under summer faded shorts.
Squating reveals balls.

a haiku

Caerphilly tunnel
pretend London underground.
Next stop is Lisvane.

buzzing slowly bee haiku

Bee buzzing slowly
rear ended jolt from behind.
Quick paced jogger stung.

some haikus

Photos tell stories
all I have are healing scars.
Long unhappy life.

Spoiling squawk, loud
shirtless alpha males compete.
Raging in suns heat.