Monday, 12 July 2010

city bus of woe

this morning stuck on a overloaded bus
the autopiloted commuter run at 8.15
lurches around corners with
piano on skateboard lean,
late for work, all in a rush
hot crispy duck greasy leg
cooked alive
from over eager underseat heater
too stubborn to cough splutter and die.
Thick ear wax slowly melts
from hot mouth breathers over your shoulder
crumpled corners of morning newspapers read
silently you wish other passagers dead
spittoon bucket ding
signalling to stop
the bus suddenly pulls in.
More disgusted gazes upon
yawning faces
as more try to force themselves onboard
through opening doors
like contestants on stars in thier eyes
tonight matthew im going to be the one they all despise
the one with the double childs buggy
and ice cream saber waving screaming kids.
Stuck in traffic red light rages
commuters packed into excape proof cages
cabin fever hot sweats begin
as teens slowly deafen from tinny headphone din.
Stop button pressed with urgancy
crowd surf haul up towards the driver
five stops early gettig off now
bracing for a sharp jolting stop,
commando parachute exit drop
on the pavement catching your breath
no more, no more is your new mantra
walk further, instead of the bus of death.

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