Thursday, 29 December 2011

A haiku

Leaves barrel rolling
Evasive moves through branches.
Dogfight towards grave.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A haiku

Housing estate growth
Street lamp candles litter cake.
Growing each aged year.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A haiku

No underwear left
origami folding bag.
Crisp brown paper pants.

Monday, 19 December 2011


Suggestive texting
Distraction through business lunch.
Wedged under table.


Filing boxes stacked
Tower high, within our lives.
Burn them to the ground

further away

A man came to the door
With a defrosting turkey
under his arm
With red sunken eyes
He says, I don’t want to fight no more
This is for your Thanksgiving
He hands me the damp warming bird
and turns and walks away.

My mom comes down the stairs
With a dust covered shoebox
under her arm
With sunken eyes
She says, We might have to fight some more
That man was your father
As she hands me photographs from inside
and turns and walks away

I go to the door
With my sleeping bag under my arm
With red sunken eyes
I say nothing anymore
I am alone in and outside this room
I close the door behind me
I walk away without looking back.

Friday, 16 December 2011

A tanka

Letterbox circles
student below awaits results.
taught by his mistress.
Brown envelope falls
Red rose inside, A+

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some haikus

Delete button worn bare
written words still fail to grasp.
Desire for you.

Texts misspelt through gloves,
stood freezing outside museum.
Meant to say starbucks.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A haiku

Coffee foam collapse ,
On vending machine finest.
Stalling for shift end.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Fat persons ass grove
creased trousers puckering kiss.
Divert gaze onwards!

Tinted sunglasses
funneled visions overflow.
Memories in brown.

a haiku

Parked cars circle tight
mcdonalds is surrounded.
Fatties walk so far.


Bright sunshine reflects
those porty men in windscreens.
stopped off for breakfast.

Alarm clock rattles
eyes peeled open suddenly.
Cheated of that dream.

Tea ringed thumbed menu
out of date specials board hangs.
Ketchup bottle scabs.

Sunday, 31 July 2011


this is a working song in progress for my modern day blues duet called, 'merlot moonshine' agin the band name is a work in progress.

gotta update my twitter
gotta tell them
i'm their leader

just tweeting my eating
gotta tell them
what im eating

gotta update my twitter
gotta tell them
what im feeling

gotta update my twitter
gotta find out
why im needy

gotta ignore my twitter
gotta get some


you're a fox
wearing my grizzly bear onesie
you make life far too easy

you're my place
within innocent sleepovers
in faded pants and knickers

my arm held
at 45 degrees
waiting for
that high five from you

you're a thought
whispering deep inside me
listening in so closely

you're no weight
carry you around forever
we'll find our way together

my arm held
at 45 degrees
waiting for
that high five from you

i'm a fool
wearing broken heart remains
you make my life full of pain

you're a whore
knocking pleading on my door
wanting to come in once more

Thursday, 21 July 2011

some more haikus

You in my wool socks
we lounge this rainy morning.
Autumn draws on.

Veins under pale flesh
coloured underground map spreads.
District and circle.


Discarded ear plugs
lay with crumpled fag ends smoked.
Band practice ash tray.


Conversation starts
with words from someone other.
Reply thoughtfully

Shuffled biscuits lay
bloated tea pot center stage.
Let brew, pour, enjoy.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

giants map

The contour lines on this browning pleated map are the recorded
results of unkempt emotions left
to run over this boundryless sullen body.
Leaving behind circling tracks around excavated areas
of self inflicted rage. Those calligraphy cut markings that those "experts"
from all over come to study,
yet noone, not even those most loved and trusted could give a definition
nor explanation to their origin.
Your world where you live
and this giant looking through tear filled eyes,
reflecting back all those soul searching looks from strangers.
This punishment was received on a different plane, in a different age,
where now forgiveness would cradle. But here those received
wounds do not hurt a snap shot of stagnation,
evidence carved into his chest for future generations to see.
A warning, the giants keep off the grass sign to all.

Nothing hurts until the following sunrise, where
heading towards the shower the automaton giant creaks and stretches
like a wooden seat taking his own burdening inner weight.
He humps himself into the white lined sterile cubicle.
Red eyed and staring, focussing, blinking in morse code
at the shower dial with the suspicion of Dave
towards Hal in 2001:Space Odyssey.
Turning the dial to allow the water to heat and steam, to cleanse
whisky blocked pores.
Captured screams echo at first contact of heated water as
scolded blisters already under skin
boil into venom, then injected violently into the giants
bloodstream creating maximum destruction.

Crawling back on wasting limbs, the safety of under his bed
- to recover
his low fort where no one would look for a giant.

Calendar falling into autumn leaves as this
Forgotten stone face cracks,
cold to anyone’s touch,
yet waits like a forgotten book to have the dust blown from his
emotion starved face
by your lips and for gentle fingers to run over delicate features.
Slow blinkered eyes focus into the stare of a homesick sailor
Looking for home, looking for what he hopes is there rather than look
at what is here.
The bastard coward.

Bass noted voice drawn through lips that need retuning.
lies are spoken,
his truth caught on a catapult
hurled further back down inside where they burn and power the giants anger.
That constant burning indigestion forces the giant to clutch his belly and
hurl himself in cramp to the floor.

He calls for his steed to carry him in drink to the other plane
Where he can recover from these mortal wounds.
In time these scars heal and fade
as ink spots on turned notepad pages… these pages are filled
read and read further on until those scars are nothing more than fullstops.

This giant stands too tall for people to see the imperfections.
This giant is me.

Monday, 11 July 2011

a haiku

Tears fall to tiled floor
sad cleaner mops, wet floor sign.
An infinite loop.

some haikus

My milkshake straw sinks
our final conversation.
Hers left here,half drank.

Please just walk away
left limping from our time here.
Once healed will run far.

Monday, 4 July 2011

feral senses

Lonely child run.

Run back to your bolthole, each ground covering
gallop increases your safety zone, you slow to wade through thick
green whipping grass. Throughout this escape your pale
milk-coloured limbs slowly tan through souring yellow rage.

He crouches twitching on sparrow legs,
Fearful to sit down and rest fearing sleep again,
Dreading to wake to seek revenge against those who beat you,
your victorious captors. Through silent hollow breaths you creep
forward around landmine snapping branches to take point,
scouting ahead ready to run on, to flee.
Further into this green gloved world. As last year’s dried dead
leaves hustle on along by a shivering breeze.
The forest floor echoes fleeting sounds of the ocean waves on the
rocks, the sounds you remember? A memory? Or more perhaps a
hope for the less lonely future.

Crows bark above with angry threats similar in tone to what is known
back home. Smudged faded t-shirts, lazily over washed in
attempts to purge them cling to a soft peach bruised body with a
bitter hard stone inside through braced tensing from beatings.
These poorly fitting hand me down clothes leave you always shivering
for warmth that you so desperately seek. Numb from hours outside
unable to distinguish time due to wandering alone, words forgotten
mouth opens with no sounds to escape as feral senses set in.

Run on and dive into your castle hidden deep its walls made from the
brambles and overgrowth. With your soot grey smudged eyes
peeking out from this bastions turret looking for all enemies.

The curtain draws and darkens late as these summer days are
stretched over times bent knee. waiting with deep calm breaths
silent to the world, safe as though you cannot see them and they
cannot see you.

Moving with agile and stealth

Into the darkening hours to return home, silently slipping in
through a peeling white washed back door turning the cold
handle and upstairs to bed to curl up in your duvet nest.

Muddy and safe only to wake early and escape again.

So rolls on summer until the school term begins
that quiet awkward boy takes awhile to adjust back to friends and
sounds after a summer of human silence and isolation.

Monday, 27 June 2011

a haiku

Bed sheet contour lines
map last nights expedition.
On the floor we wake.

Wimbledon haiku

'Go on Tim!' One cries,
'Fool! that is Murray playing.'
Britain expects again.

Friday, 10 June 2011

one more haiku

Choking bin still sick
throwing up consumers waste.
Recycle more please.

a haiku

Departing train waits
tired windscreen eyes wiped clean.
Journeys gathered dirt.

Monday, 6 June 2011

a haiku

Looming office lights
planes in holding flight pattern.
Stuck below waiting.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

why i stand still

this weight
held by one
pulls me down
inside myself.
If i do not
it does not
a pendulum
of heartache.
Back and forth
between melancholy
and hysteria.
my tightening fist
to counteract,
to gain balance
In my fist
lies the remains
of a broken pen,
ink black thoughts
from open wound
run on thick.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

red string of fate

This scarlett twine
what binds us.
Invisible line
can hang us

We trip on others
tangled cat's cradled fingers
we're tied up on insignificant lovers,
as undone patient knots.
Leads us on
to your heart.

This scarlett twine
what binds us.
Invisible line
can hang us.
Teeth broken
as we try to chew free
to cheat ourselves,
of our destiny.

I feel you stumble
vibrations ring urgently
like a wild oscillating cymbal,
twine tightens bow string.
Let go, hits
to my heart.

This scarlett twine
what binds us.
Invisible line
can hang us.
Hearts broken
we reel it in or flee
we cannot escape,
our destiny,

We reach closer
you step out
from the shadows,
I always knew
it would be you.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Drizzle licks window
sudden gust captures coat hood.
Warm toes relax inside.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

a haiku

Diner booths empty
whispers echo are still heard.
Past break ups happened.

Monday, 9 May 2011

a haiku

Captured trouser crease
photographic added length.
Disappointing lies.

Monday, 2 May 2011

so i dont come home

no money today
no money yesterday
my hunger grows
no pay cheque for you
nothing to show
so i dont come home

my shoes worn bare
look for work to spare
travelling miles
this town dont want me
living in exile
so i dont come home

my belly full
with free water handfuls
my soul empty
exhaustion takes hold
i cry darkly
so i dont come home

back and forth

this weight
held by one
pulls me down
inside myself.
if I do not
it does not
a pendulum
of heartache
back and forth
between melancholy
and hysteria.
tightening my fists
to regain balance
forgotten pen,
in hand now broken.
ink flows
from open wound
black thick
thoughts runs on.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

gin tears - blues song

i sleep so badly
now you're gone
our bed sheets littered
with broken bottle hazards
because you won

my tears bleeding
soaked mattress
you broke my gin bottle
my clothes are rotten
from the spilt gin

another bluesy song attempt

my shoes tied by wire
to keep me walking
with my tin can fire
to keep me warming

stoked hot and burning
by old photos of you
I'm still yearning

yellow flames purging
our shared memories
until the next morning

as I find more photos of you
and fall in love
all over again with you.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

the last danish pastry

Sitting there,
slowly turning stale
why have you been left behind?
I wanted a pastry
but you might
of ended up on the floor.
So maybe not,
as I turn to the
prewrapped sausage rolls

the tea soaked desk


I'm falling.
No. Wait, as I release my
grip on the desk.
I just leant back in my chair
after I kicked the back adjuctment leaver off.

a haiku

Cheeky fart released
during hand dryer cycle.
Boss is in washroom.

some haikus

Clouds whisper above
listen carefully to breeze.
Someone cries elsewhere.

Butterfly drifts past
burning ember camouflage.
The unnoticed brown.

this cup

this cup
sun bleached from summers
forgotten outside
harelipped sneer curls down your spine
that crack still yet to break
a chipped crown rides on your head
from which tea is sipped
toy gun spun ready to be hosltered
my cup

Thursday, 31 March 2011

a haiku

Floating in calm sea
tea bag brewing laid back stance.
Worries bleed away.

sad haikus

Punches pour down please
privileged to feel something.
Gutter rotting soul.

I see you again
is it my time now old friend?
Noose tightens hard.

All's Said and Fallen

Secrets smuggled still unheard
in matchboxes
lashed tightly under lit lanterns.
watch them rise as flickering birds
reflected in the dead eyes of curious foxes.

Scream out your frequency
aim up at the sky.
Stopped dead by the verbal boundary
reflected back down to me.

Show me the night sky
where wished laidened
shooting stars come to die.
show me the dead souls
we're unable to console.

Whispers carried in the forest
treeline branches
snagging ambush cut open the loudest.
herded back down to those so biased
those who remain scatter our forgotten ashes.

Scream out your frequency
aim up at the sky.
Stopped dead by the verbal boundary
reflected back down to me.

Show me the night sky
where wished laidened
shooting stars come to die.
show me the dead souls
we're unable to console.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

pour one more

Pour the salt on
I said yeah, pour the salt on.
My broken heart still bleeds
dying from what it needs.
I said pour the salt on
I'm done.

Pour me a large one
I said yeah, pour me a large one.
Bye bitter tasting mouth
slipping further south.
Pour me a large one
I'm moving on.

Load my gun slowly
I said load me up slowly.
no chamber spared empty
no coward you'll see.
Load my gun slowly
this misery.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

a tanka

Fox staring at me
waiting still for my next move.
Returning his gaze.
Soon bored he tiptoes away.
Follow in his light footsteps.

some haikus

Scrolling LEDs.
each held breath illuminates.
Destination known.

Eating tray of chips
kamikaze seagull dives
Sunk my battleship!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

haiku about the shipping forecast

Bed slumbering slow
pirate dreams on gentle seas.
Shipping Forecast sails.

Monday, 10 January 2011

rubix cubed

Camouflage myself

with cottonwool ball attire

in the rooftop clouds

where I’d secretly admire

the outline of your face.

Until i slip and fall

with spitfire arcing grace.

Placed on your knee

this rubix cube puzzle

the only patient one enough

without peeling off coloured squares

to solve me.

Expansion bridging

shouldering your hearts desires

through gritted teeth

burning smoke signal fires

whispers soon faded.

towards other side

move on collect two hundred.

Placed on your knee

this rubix cube puzzle

the only patient one enough

without peeling off coloured squares

to solve me.

Replacement spring

in this worn out jack in the box

still then unopened

now ready for my spacewalk

your jake to your finn.

Adventuring now

our time onwards no trade-ins.

Yours and mine.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

shared newspaper haiku

Newspaper on train
left violated and torn.
Passagers read on.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

cheesecake haiku

Blueberry cheesecake
pac-man shaped with slice missing.
Squishy between toes.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

some more haikus

Baseball capped children
birds pecking through lunch remains.
Sat bored at table.

Clearing nose rule three
if you can taste while picking.
You're in too deep.

Ashes cricket shown
federation square deckchair.
Glorious summer.

haikus for the new year

Christmas party hat

red chin line from elastic.
Now chip transporter.

Power sliding man
inside forcefield triangle.
Yellow wet floor sign.

Irish talking group
gurggling tap filling bath.
overflows constantly.

'Cool fairylights mate.'
'They're not suppose to flash.'
Faulty plug socket.