Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hail & Blue Skys

Continued neverending battle,
those emotions will hunt you
each and every day.
Gathering greying darkness
greenlighted to rage down
seeking out your weakness.
No mercy, no mercy.
Draw your breath deep
to prepear your flight
that one final leap.
Behind lurking until you die,
run down sign posted pathway
you cannot escape this.

Hail locked on, rockets down
burning to tears from your eyes
cutting soft scars, homemade tattoos.
No fight left just acceptance
that calmness ensues,
its finally lifted begin my rescue.
My first true sunrise,
nothing but blue skies to sail into.

Fall down depleted collasped,
this deadend soul cut, brusied
on hands and knees.
Preying those who held you
securely tight were gone,
weighed down
scared by love they renew.
So flee, So flee.
Push past, ignore the hurt
eye contact will pain.
Exhausted energy exert
this is your war, your fight.
Gather your single man armies
only you can defeat.

Dodging first falling stones
overwelmed by these gathering
collected hurdles.
The hail comes down, numbing
rain washes away down to my
pure form,
scream out thunderous rage.
Within me, within me.
That final old lions roar
is his most dagerous
this my final encore,
now nothing left deep inside.
Replaced by nervous trembles
to start each day.

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