Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Light Within

Predictably those
shadows creep over again
flawlessly stitched together
by expert craftsmen.
Locked together
black branched fingers
overhead form skeletal rafters
a thick cage chamber.
I take from my heart
that beeswax lantern sculpted
candle you installed
and use it to part
with lightsaber strokes
my shrinking coffin.
Life behind these bars
cold to my delicate touch
the thoughts buried
deepest away on my limping crutch
your candle begins to falter.
I know you cannot warm me forever.
Alone with gritted teeth
I pull at these glass sharp branches
labouring hands soon bleeds
through gloom decapitating snatches.
I build a fire
from these memories
and light it with your love
it soon burns
with a growing thirst
warming me, through expelled gloom
I have finally the room
to breath.
Tearing down ruined childhood
 to feed this hunger
a gurn breaks out on my wincing face,
awkward,  soon settles
like a content cat
into a relaxed smile
below my soot smudged nose.
This woodland, now green and open
the leaves soft under scabbed dirty palms
I blow out your candle and return it to my heart.

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