Saturday, 17 March 2012

Its Just Always Cold in my Room

Davies my housemate,
is hung like a horse
this is something I discovered
just last night infact.
Furious intertwined
dry humping
with a girl I finally brough home
to my paddington bear duvet.
'I dont have any protection
I've err, ran out.'
Exiting my tiny room
onto the lowly lit landing.
With groinal
rearrangement composure
I peer around his door
and ask to borrow one.
He throws me a string of
durex branded condoms
with the weight and
flexibility of a studded belt.
With Roger Moores James Bond
eyebrow raised
I reenter my room
where I view one more closely
it looks like the teacup ring
stained coaster by the side of my bed.
I catch her gawping.
she makes her excuses
as she bundles for the exit
where I hear a faint femine knock
on his door.

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