Wednesday, 15 October 2008

These are some Haiku poems that i have written

Passive smoking why?
Clogs my lungs, going to die
not before you do.

Bird sitting in tree,
why do you look down at me?
Watch out! eeew, bird poo.

Sitting in traffic
getting angry at stopped cars,
radio four on.

Leaf floating gently
down stream, no cares in the world,
out into the sea.

Beautiful as sin,
you're a face I want to win,
pround of my trophy.

Beauty holds no bounds
always gets rid of my frowns,
hold me close and tight.

Frost shivering cold,
lazy daisy sleeps on
its not summer yet.

Jack Frosts holiday,
all over town he strikes cold.
Tongue stuck to lamp post.

Bear awakening
yawns, as his sleep is now over
salmon for breakfast.

Country fox, whats new?
'Nowt, harvests still completed,
they hunt me no more.'

Bird spirals up high,
thermals ticking below,
no care in the world.

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