Saturday, 25 October 2008


One thing that annoys the hell out of me when it comes to children is breakfast time.
Being the independent little shits they are, children will tip half a box of cornflakes all over the table and hope that some will land in thier bowl, then they will get up go over to the fridge get the milk out and carry it back to the table, climb up onto their chair and while kneeling they will pour the milk across the table and thier bowl.
Leaving the empty milk bottle on the table they dig into thier breakfast, eating the few cornflakes that actually landed in the bowl, floating like soggy leafs the milk.
They get down from the table leaving their mess behind so when I go to make a cup of tea, there is no milk left, so I have to reuse the milk from thier bowl, leaving me with a cornflakey cup of tea.

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