Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lost Love Notes

When i was a teenager (a fair few years ago i know,) I recieved and wrote many lovenotes during my relationships with my very few girlfriends.
I loved getting these notes, it was better than recieving a birthday card full of money as they meant so much more to me, they were a nice suprise to find in the bottom of your shoe or coat pocket, or waking up and finding one waiting for you on your bedside cabinet. They were very personal and intimate brought us both closer together as you could write things you were scared to say.
Even if the relationship doesn't last, you will always have something to remember it by, something to look back on to remember who you were and a happier time.
For some reason teenagers when i ask them if they send lovenotes, have no idea what im talking about.
They dont write them, all they do is send short pointless text messages rather than write out whole funny gentle and meaningful personal letters which is for you and you only.
What happens to these text messages I hear you ask? They either lose the phone or embarrassed in front of thier friends that they have recieved a message full of love, they hastily delete the message without hesitation.
They just dont seem to put the effort in like me and my girlfriends did, no saucy polaroids or lipstick on letters, no familiar hangwriting that you follow lovingly with your eyes.
It's just dead cold standard text type - 'i fink ur wll sxy, nce tits'. where is the love in that?

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TrefforestGump said...

This is SO true, not just love notes either. (Or rather 'yer true l8er' ) Or are we just getting old....