Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ex Housemate

I moved into this house and i thought it was nice and for a month it was ok, then it started.

The freak housemate refused to let me put up a bird feeder over winter as they was afraid of catching bird flu, i fixed the lock in the bathroom which they then 'unfixed' as they was afraid of having an accident in the bathroom and being unable to be rescued.
They cried to me all the time talking about their parents and how much they hated them yet demanded money of them and still got £50 a month pocket money even though they are nearly 30.

When one room became free i tried to put everyone off by shaking my head when the Freak wasn't looking, one person did move in i told them give it a month and you'll see.

Sure enough one month later she was being driven up the walls. The Freaky one also believed they had everything wrong with themself, had a cupboard full of every sort of pill and even knew the doctors recepitionists name's off by heart by the sound of their voice on the phone.

They were even told by the doctors surgery to find another practice as they were fed up of wasting time treating the Freak.

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