Saturday, 18 October 2008

Best Place for a Date

The Answer is, the Supermarket.

Now, I know what your thinking, , how romantic is that, but hear me out, what does the supermarket offer you compared to say a meal? Cinema? Or whatever it is you do.
You learn so much more about them, on the trip around the supermarket what do you do?
You can see what their buying, you can study them, you can see if they are really picky over the weight of products, or whether they buy, veggie, organic, ready meals, as it shows if they can cook or not.
Or healthy eating products, they might have a problem with there weight or fuss over it, lets be honest that’s something you want to know straight away so you don’t keep putting your foot in it.
Finally to see if they are patient enough to stand in the queue, to tolerate the screaming kids about around the place.
You'll fins out a lot more about someone than you realise.

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