Saturday, 18 October 2008

Food Bill for a Zoo

How much is a zoo’s food bill? It’s just a random thought.
Grow it? How much land do they need to grow it? Like the zoo’s twice the size?
Or just stick it in the ground let it grow, then let the animals in. Just think how much food they need everyday, do they pop down to tesco to do the shop? Think of the club card points you could get from that, plus recycling the carrier bags as well.
You see them walking into the lion enclosure with this massive side of meat. Where do get all the meat from? They recycle the dead animals in the park? Is there a warden whose got a massive calendar, its got every animals birthday on, hmm, he’s getting a bit old. He just drives around with a gun in his lap driving through the buffalo section, spots one in the corner, coughing and shaking? Bang, dead that’s a bit of meat sorted.

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