Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bad Teacher

Its driving my wild
Come now, shes just a child.
Shut up you, shes no virgin
no girl over 13 is free of sin.
Shes the type of girl to know,
I bet shes male popular on Bebo.

Her skirt rides up high,
showing off that perfect thigh.
Tasty and inviting like a chicken drumstick
leaving me with sticky fingers, I just want to lick.

I tried to resist her with all my might,
I thought it was just a fancy dress night
I didnt know it was real ,until I took her class.
I feel bad now for checking out her ass.
You called me sir,
I made you purr (amongst other things).
My forehead sweats and goes red,
as i think about what you get up too behind that bikeshed.

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