Saturday, 1 November 2008

Short Women All Over The World

Please, please listen to this, my plea.
Sorry if I headbutt you with my knee,
but you are short and seem to get in my way,
I like petite women and thats here to stay.

You hurl yourself about on the dancefloor,
wiggling, jiggling enticing me some more.
Dancing around with your hands in the air,
Like that old chestnut, 'you just dont care'.
Prancing in heels so high, almost on tippi toes,
fingers pointing upwards, that go right up my nose.

Standing next to you, I look down like you're an infant,
looking up at me, like I'm some sort of scary giant.
I stoop up against you from behind and grind,
drunk, getting hot and sweaty, I'll think you'll find,
that our size differences makes me seem bigger.
It's pressed against you like a twitchy trigger.
The shorter they are, the more kinky they'll be,
just take one home take my word, you'll see.

You're stood below me, cleavage on show,
I can look right down your top, right to your toe.
My backs gone, shot completly to creaking bits
from staring down at your tantalising tits.
But also to listen to the funny things you to say,
all this physiotherapy I think you should pay.

Watch out for me, as I lurch with a bad back
constaintly suffering from the odd spasm attack.
so have some sympathy for me and my spine,
pity me and my aching groans and well get along fine.

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