Saturday, 1 November 2008


Another morning, another trip to the bathroom,
up ahead, one more day of my life does loom.
In the mirror in front I look like a grizzly bear,
my face comes into focus through a bleary eyed stare.

Me, like a few, take time and lather up soap with a brush,
But most just electric shave as they stress about in a rush,
as I change the blade and drop the old rusty one in the bin.
I want a sharp clean fresh one to shave my chin.

Stroke up, rinse, then shave down going under and around,
pat dry with a towel, smooth face. No stubble to be found.
I wont try to grow tashes, handlebars or a goatee,
as nothing, not even fake beards seems to suit me.

Over the years I've cut off spots, left them headless
I can tell you, it involves a lot of blood and icky mess.
Steaming hot water to clean the grubby blade,
It stings and wont stop bleeding this cut I just made.
For a while I stopped shaving and a grew beard,
It got cut off pretty quickly as I looked weird.

1 comment:

TrefforestGump said...

Not even fake beards!? Do you wear them often then ;-)