Monday, 3 November 2008


The lights from the industrial cranes of the harbour are silluetted through the dark, sitting like a charred Guy Fawkes through the fog and orange suburban lights, Harwick glows gently like burning embers from the bonfire.
The breeze cuts down from a Northenly direction with an intention to whip my hat off and make it scamper across the deck. I return inside to try and locate my room through this youth hostel designed maze.
Children scream and dart around the corridors, as teachers try to keep order, giving tired apologetic looks at everyone they pass. I trot down to the bar after giving up trying to find my room, and order a drink. A look of confusion passes over my own and the barman's face as I try to pay for a drink with both euros and pounds.
Sitting down at a table there is a mix of families, European truck drivers and travellers; all sitting together talking to one and another - where they are going and where there from, passing on tips and advice. It's a very social and friendly environment to be in.
After having a few more drinks with a German couple and a Norwegian backpacker, we look out into the pitch black darkness that this ferry hurtles through, its engines working hard agaisnt the current.
I return to my cabin, more wobbly as I'm slightly drunk. Entering my room, after wiggling my barcode keypass in the door, it suddenly reminds me off my time in student halls; drunk and trying to find my way back to my room which is very generic, versatile but comfortable. Lying on one of my two beds, I fiddle and adjust the mood lights, jumping down from the top bunk to use the bathroom, which is completely tiled so it makes not hitting the pan less of a priority. The ferry lurches slowly making it harder to pee than it is on a train, now I can see while they design bathrooms completely tiled.
Lying in bed, going to sleep, my body rocks drunkly one way as the boat rocks the other, both gently compensating each other so I sleep blissyfully.
In the morning, I am now clear headed. The intercom cackles and informs that we are arriving into Hoek van Holland. I get out on deck in the cutting fresh morning air, numbing my nose as I patiently watch the flat hollow country of Holland come into view.

Thanks to Prescott for the edit

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