Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Poem About Wee

It varies does wee.

From your age, time of day, to what you drink
and what you eat, as some wee's make a stink.
You have those that sting like lemon juice,
flowing out like a freshly opened sluice;
To those the consistancy of golden syrup,
some even fizz, like alka seltzer stirred up.

Yep, weeing is great and fun for all.

Sometimes, off guard you might leek a drip or two,
As you frantically rush to the room with the loo.
Some people whistle starwars tunes as they go,
As they find that this helps maintain the flow.
Some wees start off small, nothign more than little,
So many men get the flow started with a little tickle.

Now dont get me wrong, I like a good pee.

Except those that wake you from dreams,
These bathroom visits take forever it seems,
Standing or, swaying side to side, shaking one leg,
Once you're done, giving a little shake to your peg.
Sometimes you focus and gain some composition.
Or even be lazy and sit in a ladies' positon.

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