Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pool Playing Women

Why do women insist on playing pool, not snooker but pool? I dont play pool I cant play, so I always refuse to and go and ask behind the bar if they have any darts for the board, but I get nagged into playing by women. So I put my fifty pence down to play and not just for a sly peek down thier top as the cue up thier shot, but to shut them up and keep them happy. But as we've had a few drinks before we play and after telling the local guy who hangs around looking for someone to play against who states that it is, 'winner stays on,' to fuck off. The game starts and after about 5 minutes with no balls potted, for some reason every woman I've played pool with, starts to cheat and obviously right there infront of me, place the balls in the pocket and laugh as they do thinking its funny and ok to cheat and stand there with a huge grin on thier half drunk face. Damn them, maybe this is the real reason why I dont play pool.

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Anonymous said...

I dont play pool, I think its shit !