Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Captain

My friend, the captain of his ship
pround and mighty, not like this tip
the sails on his ship full of patience,
flags flying high on a ship of vigilance.
Sails into these storms, never hesistates
to stop me, drowning in my weak states.
He stands firm, solid, not queasy on deck,
ready to guide to calmer waters, this wreck.
Someone I want to be like, a respected captain
tall, imposing and fearless like a mountain.
Rather than this drunk surly, salty seadog,
still lost deep in the dark thick bitter fog.
By his side his faithful woman, his firstmate
she too patiencly keeps me shipshape.
Wont be long til I'm made to walk the plank,
into the sea deep, dark, damp, cold and dank.
At least they've given me time to learn to swim
even if my life. future is bleak and ever so dim.
there is ever only so much I can be reassured.
Scared, I feel as if I should jump over board.
To allow them to sail untroubled into the sunset
this man my friend, I'm honoured I've met.