Sunday, 2 November 2008

Drunk Girlfriend

Drunk girlfriend, hanging off my arm,
Holding her up, keep safe from harm.
Slurring, screeching random speech in my ear.

You whine and shiver that: ''I'm soooo cold
I should've brought a coat like I was told',
I've tuned you out, I absently reply 'yes dear'.

shoes swinging in hand, staggering barefoot
up the street, soles of her feet black like soot.
Guiding her through lumps of broken glass.

'Dont want that, want chips' So we queue again
strength in my support of you begins to drain,
as you stop to hug strangers as they pass.

I close my fingers tight around your hand,
your far too messy and drunk to understand,
the importance of the green cross code.

Guide you safely back home to our comfy bed,
you can annoy me there safely instead,
as I slip off to sleep, still in autopilot mode.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is great, and a reminder of how terrible boozing can get.

I remember being in a similar state long ago-