Wednesday, 8 September 2010

these lives lost

Office fills grudgingly,
shop bought recyclable cups
litter desks.
Alpha office males yawn.
Swivel chairs swapped
when no-one is looking.

Yesterdays jobs finally complete
shoes taken off to stretch tired feet,
clock watching for coffee break.
Thoughts already of lunch.

Tonguing remains of biscuit,
stolen from presentation buffet
to tide over until lunch.
Google new jobs and holiday breaks
to fight soul crushing job.

Zombie groans
from jealous friends of teachers who finish.
Switch from coffee to tea
hole puncher executive stress hand exercises.

Office empties
photocopiers and computers
wearily drift off into standby
with exhausted sighs.
Distant furious typing
to not end up working late.

Travel home in sauna shoe box
Silently read strangers novels
Generously held wide open
for all to share.

Ready meal remains stained plates
stacked by kitchen sink.
Lonely silhouetted figure
against an eastenders showing 42" lcd screen.
Laptop scrolls with facebook updates.
Holey sock creeps out from sofa cushion.

Scrolling through
contract free cable channels
to find something to waste time
until bedtime.

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