Monday, 15 February 2010

my final over

My final over approaches
these innings drawing slowly,
to a close.
Do I bat out these last few balls
in a blaze of rage and frustration?
Or continue as I have done
to play the meek safety?
These remaining balls
should be savoured
some showmanship with applause.
Please bowl them quick
please, lets get this over with.
Strike hard, well hit
try to take out others,
to cause pain and damage
to finally have an impact
before its too late.
Acknowledged nod from the bowler
a wry smile returned,
this, the last delivery.
Bone breaking crack, that impact
blood red ball rises up
a distraction as all eyes
follow upwards.
I'm already walking
to the pavillion
Ball caught, cheers to the fielder
the hero of this match.
I'm already forgotten,
me the last batsman.

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