Tuesday, 16 December 2008

more haikus

My fairy sits proud,
pearching, top of christmas tree.
Above this bad crowd.

People wait for train.
Crowding together, a herd
of yearning sad cows.

Turn slowly, bed creaks.
Lift head from warm snug pillow,
a nice long lie in.

Snow, the purest thing.
Covers all, those deep dark sins,
in this modern world.

Purring, contented.
Lapping at the Jersey cream,
greed will make you fat.

Another damn poke.
Why, wont you leave me alone,
this blasted facebook.

Gah! Perfume adverts,
you never make any sense,
to describe your scents.

Dancefloor is empty.
Leaving me free, to freestyle.
Doing the robot.

Shock. Heart beats hard,
Attacker forced on me. No!
That damn bloody cat!

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